Under-Appreciated Steak Cuts You Really Ought to Try

Enjoying lunch or dinner at a serious steakhouse is one of the most enjoyable pleasures in life. You can enter a fine steakhouse such as Papi Steak, and then check out the classics when it comes to steak cuts (view Papi Steak prices). These include the filet mignon, the porterhouse, and the ribeye. 

But if you’re a serious foodie, you should try to expand your horizons. You should check out some steak cuts that aren’t mentioned all that often, and you just might discover a new favorite. 

To start your journey into the new world of steak cuts you haven’t tried before, here are some recommended options: 

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Denver Steak 

There’s no obvious reason why this steak cut shares its name from a city in Colorado, but then again, it’s not that interesting compared to how it tastes. The flavor is excellent, which is why it’s a favorite of authentic steak experts. And why it’s not that popular is also another mystery. 

This steak cut comes from the chuck primal cut of the cow. It offers a great amount of marbling, which is why it’s nice and tender. The level of marbling here allows the meat to remain juicy even after the cooking process. Try the Denver Steak from premium Wagyu cattle, and you have yourself a winner. 

Ribeye Cap

You may be confused about this mention on this list, since the ribeye cut is a classic favorite. But that’s because this isn’t the ribeye—the ribeye cap is different. This flavorful piece of beef is actually a strip cut attached to the ribeye center. 

This should be as famous as its ribeye counterpart, because it is extremely tender and the taste is quite unique. As one expert as put it, the ribeye cap combines the tenderness of tenderloin with the juicy fat and taste of the classic ribeye. 

Perhaps the reason the ribeye cap isn’t as famous as the classic ribeye is that it’s not often offered in steakhouses. But if you ever find a steakhouse that does, then you really have to go for it. 

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This steak cut gets its name from its triangular shape. It’s actually a close sibling of the more famous sirloin, as it comes from the bottom of the sirloin. It’s generally more affordable than the sirloin, though it’s still a solid option. 

The nice thing about this steak cut is that it does well with rubs and spices. But you should probably avoid getting this cooked rare or even medium rare, due to the rather stubborn connective tissue that runs through the cut. Instead, cook this medium, so it’s easier to chew. 

If you can find a Wagyu Tri-Trip, then that’s the option you want to try out. You’ll get a tender steak with a nice amount of marbling. 

Hanger Steak

You generally don’t find the Hanger Steak among the most expensive cuts of steak. It’s quite cheap, but that’s only if you can find it. An entire cow only has one or two servings of hanger steak, so it’s not as if there’s a huge supply of it. And in a lot of cases, it’s even rarer because the butcher just reserves the hanger steak for their own dinner. That’s why it’s often called “butcher’s steak”. 

If you can find one at the butcher’s shop because you’re a friend, then take advantage of your buddy’s generosity and just get the hanger steak. It’s a tender piece of meat that you’ll find enjoyable to eat. It’s best if you get the cut thinly sliced, and then you should marinate the meat properly. 

Flat Iron Steak

This is one of the most surprising additions to this list. Yes, it’s not quite as known as some of the other steak cuts. But it ought to be more famous, simply because it’s extremely tender. The only steak cut that surpasses the flat iron steak in tenderness is the tenderloin. And in comparison, the flat iron steak is a lot more affordable. 

This comes from the shoulder of the cow, and it really has a terrific amount of marbling. You have to try this, as more and more people are now realizing that the flat iron steak is basically a steal. Prices for the flat iron steak may be higher in the future, but at least you may find more restaurants offering this tender piece of beef. 

Flank Steak

This is the steak cut for health nuts who insist on lean meat. This cut comes from the cow’s abdominal muscles, just below the loin. This is why the steak cut has a relatively high amount of meat fiber, and as a result, it’s really beefy. 

Your best bet is to thoroughly marinate the steak before you grill it, so that you can let that intense beefy taste to really come out.