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Top Reasons You Need a Coffee Machine for Your Office

by Ragini Salampure
Top Reasons You Need a Coffee Machine for Your Office

Mornings can be difficult to face sometimes. A hectic schedule of getting the kids off to school and still preparing yourself for the day ahead can leave you feeling rushed and tired. Your morning cup of coffee may be more than just a preferred indulgence, it can provide the jolt of caffeine that you need to make it through your day energized and alert. Here are some of the benefits to be had when you provide a coffee maker for your employees’ use.

Increases Productivity

One of the most compelling reasons to purchase a coffee machine for the office is to increase your company’s productivity. Coffee provides a much-needed caffeine boost to clear the morning brain fog or afternoon slump.

When your employees are sluggish and tired, they can’t produce good quality work, and may even struggle to meet their deadlines. A simple cup of coffee can have near-magical effects by waking up the brain so your workers are more alert, motivated, and able to focus on their work with intent and clarity. 

Coffee can provide the stamina they need to stay energized throughout the day. A delicious hot beverage is also a simple way to increase happiness and satisfaction, which will result in higher quality work and more efficient workers. Plus, when you provide access to good coffee in the office, your employees won’t need to cut into their work time to run to the nearest coffee shop down the street.

Provides Health Benefits

While many people reach for coffee because it’s a stimulant, moderate amounts of caffeine have proven benefits for both physical and mental health.

Coffee contains high amounts of antioxidants and provides you with other essential nutrients. It increases your metabolism and can help to burn excess fat. It’s even been found that drinking a couple of cups of coffee can reduce your risk of developing some diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and several types of cancer. 

As for mental health, the popular drink is great for reducing stress and even warding off symptoms of depression. The act of taking a small break to prepare and drink a cup of coffee, combined with the nutrient content, can give you an immediate mood boost and a positive mindset. 

Promotes Socialization and Teamwork

The way that a lot of offices are organized can dissuade your employees from socializing and getting to know one another. Cubicles and separate offices are great for quiet and undisturbed work, but they don’t create a sense of unity.

A small thing like a coffee cart or public coffee maker can be the catalyst for a lot of needed communication. While your employees go to fix themselves a cup or wait for their turn, they are more likely to introduce themselves to others, strike up a conversation, and become familiar with the people they work with.

This can lead to better bonds between your staff members. The increased level of socialization often makes for greater cooperation and improved outcomes when projects require teamwork. It’s also a wonderful way to allow your employees to network with one another and form connections that can help them find greater success in their careers. 

Creates Pleasant Atmosphere and Work Culture

Everyone needs a break once in a while to recharge and clear their head. Having a small coffee bar gives your employees a purpose when they need to stand up and stretch their legs or walk away from a particularly difficult issue for a few moments. 

Sometimes all that is needed to get a new perspective and insight to solve a problem, or a second wind to tackle the remainder of the day, is a few moments in a different space. 

Having a nearby place to grab a hot coffee and sit and relax for a few moments is a benefit that your employees will greatly appreciate. This is the type of thing that leads to a better, more relaxed working environment and the type of work culture that younger employees are looking for when they enter the workplace. 

Shows Appreciate for Employees

Your employees work hard and deserve to be recognized. In that regard, even small gestures like access to premium coffee machines can go a long way toward showing how much you value the effort they put in each day. 

Pick a convenient location that is accessible to everyone and set up a small coffee station complete with a variety of delicious brews and additions like sweeteners and creamers. You don’t have to get fancy with the furnishings, just focus on the brew. 

Including a good quality coffee maker in the office break room is a surprisingly easy, yet effective, method to keep your employees happy and healthy while promoting an environment conducive to great work output. Since coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks, this office perk is bound to be appealing and make a difference. 

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