Top 8 Best character in free fire

Top 8 Best character in free fire

Today, If we ask anyone about his/her favourite game then I am sure that he/she will say Free fire without any single hesitate. As today free fire is having half of the 1 billion downloads on the Google play store in January 2021. But what if I ask you about which is the Best character in the free fire? I guess you don’t know about the Best character in free fire.

Best character in free fire

I somebody likes to know about how to get or free pet in free fire and somebody like likes to know about the best character So to help you here is the list of top 8 Best characters in free fire:

  1. Dj Alok
  2. Kashmir
  3. Jota
  4. Kelly
  5. Laura
  6. Paloma
  7. Wukong
  8. Kla
  1. Dj Alok(Top Most famous character in free fire)


So as read in the above list Dj Alok stands at the top. As Dj Alok is having an Active skill of increasing his and teammates hp within a radio of 5m aura and has a great running speed. Due to this ability, Dj Alok is also known as amazing in the free fire.

Ability Shown as per free fire: He creates a 5m aura that increase his movement speed by 15% and can 5 Hp/second for 10 seconds.

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So the Question arise

What is Active skill?

Active skill is the skills which need charge before use like Dj Alok skills can only be used when it is fully charged not in a full match. Active skills are much useful than passive skills. In any match, any player can have 1 active skill or 0 active skills but not more than 1 active skills.

What is Passive Skill?

Passive skills are those skills which do not need to be charged like Kla have a passive skill of Giving damage more than other players. Passive skills are powerful as compared to the active skills in the free fire. A player can use 3 or less passive skills at a match.

  1. Kashmir(Also known as K)

K character is known as Master of all characters in free fire which has two modes: Jujitsu Mode and Psychology Mode is called the skill of the K character. K character also has a specific skill set that can be accessed by players, called as ‘Heightened Awareness Set.

Only the Psychology Mode is more improved as compared to heightened mode to that of the base at the maximum level. One player can retire 2 EP per/second for continues to 150 EP. 

  1. Jota


So its the time of our Third character Known as Jota. Jota is my favourite character in free fire because it Jota has a passive ability named ‘Sustained Raids.’ It restores 25 HP instantly when the player kills an enemy with an SMG or a Shotgun. At the maximum level, jota can restore his 40 hp with every single kill.

  1. Kelly

So our Fourth Character is Kelly. If you need the best character in free fire regarding the Speed I will advise you to go with Kelly. Kelly is a female character having a passive ability to run faster at the first stage Kelly can runs faster by 1% and at the top stage, Kelly can run faster by 6%. That’s why I advise you kelly regarding her speed.

  1. Laura


If you are a long-range fighter then Laura is like ruby for you. Laura is having a passive skill while scoping that if when you use character Laura and scope on any enemies if your aim is weak and you fired your bullet will sourly hit your enemies body and give him great damage.

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  1. Paloma( Best character in free fire for carrying More Ammo)

Paloma is a great character in free fire that allows a player to carry a lot of AR ammo without using Any bag space. This great ability is loved by every Player because AR ammo takes a lot of space in their bag and so that they carry a lot of item(SMG Ammo, Glue wall, and so more) with them.

  1. Wukong


So our seventh character is Wukong which is a great character having a great ability to convert into bushes. When working uses its ability nobody is able to give him damage. I also love this ability too much. But the main reason not everybody likes Wukong is that he creates a lot of noise.

  1. Kla

Kla is a very strong character in the free fire with a passive ability that is he is very strong. He is able to kill any enemy with his single punch. Players who likes to go to factory mostly uses kla because there is a great need of energy if we don’t get any gun kla can kill anyone with his punches.

Note: This article on Best Character in free fire is based on the author choice the Readers views/choice may be different