Top 5 Places to Visit in Canada

Whenever people decide to go on a vacation or a visit, they usually pick a more “exotic” place that catches their eye. Among those top travel destinations lies France, Spain, the United States, China, and Italy. One place that isn’t talked about enough though, is Canada.
Being one of the happiest places to work in and full of natural and national treasures, Canada is truly a safe space for travelers from all around, since it is accommodating to all types of tourism.
Whether you are an outdoor adventurer or a creature of the night in cities, you will get your fair share of fun and excitement when visiting these places in Canada.

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Vancouver in and of itself holds options for all ends of the touristic spectrum. This gorgeous towering city is located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in the province of British Columbia. Thanks to this, the city has a mellow climate with bountiful periods of rain allowing the city to be full of flora.
The weather makes the living conditions for plants effective, which means there are lots of outdoor activities you can do. For example, you can visit Stanley Park for a stroll through towering trees, or enjoy the seaside and the sun on various beaches like Kitsilano Beach.
If you are more of a wintery person, then you can explore the various ski resorts on which you can enjoy warm drinks and foods to then hit up the adrenaline-inducing slopes.
If you prefer city life, you can hit up Yaletown for the busy nightlife of this former warehouse district. It is said this area is similar to New York’s SoHo, so prepare for some artsy scenes.
Amongst other things, you can also visit the Vancouver lookout tower to look at the city skyline, the Vancouver Aquarium for some aquatic fun, the various cultural neighborhoods like the Dr. Sun-Yat Sen Classical Chinese Garden, or the VanDusen Botanical Garden.
The amalgamation of cultures that happens to be Vancouver allows for infinite exploration from a touristic point of view, making this city not worth missing out on.
Montreal is like the French version of Vancouver, in the sense that the buildings in Vieux-Montréal (Old Montreal) are inspired by European architecture, but it is a place where tons of cultures evolved together or next to each other, just like in Vancouver.
This city is located in Québec, the French province of Canada, and has tons of tourist locations to visit. The most popular one is Vieux-Montréal, where you can still view horse-drawn carriages rushing past on cobblestones and lots of shops and markets that make you feel all cozy.

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The Montreal Botanical Garden and Montreal Biodome both are places where you can get more in touch with nature, be that with floral sculptures and Japanese gardens or different biospheres with various little creatures native to them.
If you crave something more sophisticated, you can visit the Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of Archeology and History. There are also many other museums you can visit, but the markets are also worth mentioning.
Local Montreal Food Tours allow you to experience different foods and flavors, as well as the positives of diversity that are present in Canada in general.
Whistler is the place for adrenaline junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts. Located in the lovely province of British Columbia, this place is known for its ski resort the Whistler Blackcomb, bungee jumping, bobsled rides, and so much more.
If you are more of a summer aficionado, you will still have a riveting time here, with Lost Lake Park providing water sports and activities as well as there being tons of hiking trails to visit to see breathtaking scenery.
If you wish to see something more cultural, you can visit Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center to discover the tributes that are left for the two First Nations native tribes present there, as well as learn of their history and traditions.
This city is the capital of Canada, though it isn’t the largest city in the country. Don’t let this fact fool you though, since Ottawa is massive and filled with things to do, including amazing museums, nonetheless.
The first thing you should visit is probably Parliament Hill, where you will find the parliament of Canada standing proud next to the Rideau Canal, a channel where you can skate the whole eight kilometers or so of ice in the winter, accompanied by food shacks selling warm sugary beaver tails.
The Winterlude celebrations are also a winner with the crowds, showcasing amazing ice sculptures lit up with colorful outdoor lights and kiosks to buy some hot chocolates as well as other treats.
In the spring, you can go to the Tulip Festival, whereas in autumn you can visit the surrounding national parks to view the trees turning fiery red before shedding their leaves.
As is the case in every big city, you can also visit markets offering delicious delicacies or even malls full of stores you can do your shopping therapy in.
Toronto/Niagara Falls
This Ontario City is officially the biggest city in Canada, housing over 3 million residents, meaning there are tons to explore. The city is the capital for all cultures, housing Koreatown, Little India, Greektown, as well as a couple other cultural neighborhoods, including restaurants with all types of foods.
Of course, you shouldn’t miss out on the CN Tower, hovering above the city at 1815 feet, with a spinning restaurant at the top. The view from the top is not for the faint of heart.
If you wish to do visitations, you can go to the Toronto Zoo to look at all the exotic animals, the Toronto Islands for gorgeous scenery, Casa Loma for some history, and St. Lawrence Market for the aforementioned foodie dream come true.
If you are into sports, you can visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, to look at memorabilia and learn more about the former and current sports stars that dominated the sport.
Lastly, Niagara Falls is quite near Toronto, making it worth visiting this renowned waterfall. The pounding water which you can view from extremely close is a breath-taking sight. You can also go on a boat tour which takes you near the falls if you don’t mind getting doused in Niagara water that is.
Canada holds too many treasures
to simply write into an article, and the sheer size of the country makes it hard to explore in-depth, but any effort makes it worth the trouble since any place you go you will be welcomed and will experience an adventure.


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