Three Kinds of Ants and the Issues They Bring to Your Home

As the temperature rises, you may notice an increasing number of ants on your property. Mounds of dirt that indicate the presence of pavement ants may decorate all sidewalk cracks. And house ants may surface out of nowhere and leave an undesirable smell whenever you try to eliminate them. Also, you might be surprised at how black carpenter ants get inside your house. Although certain ants are only a nuisance, other types can be a true concern for your home’s structure and the health of the people in your home. Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of ants, the problems they bring, and how to fully eliminate them:

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Pavement Ants are Quite Disturbing

Pavement ants are tiny that they can easily set up residence inside pavement cracks. However, they can also be visible in other similar locations like around the concrete areas of your house’s foundation. Once these ants discover a source of food in a location, they can invade it in huge numbers. While they may not cause significant damage to your home’s structure, they can be disturbing when you find them covering a source of food like a pet food bowl. And because pavement ants can crawl through dirty locations, they can contaminate a food source they can come into contact with.

House Ants Have Nasty Odors

When house ants are squashed or threatened, they tend to produce an odor similar to the smell of rotten coconut. Although they are just nuisance pests, they can become an issue when they conquer your house in huge numbers because they can carry diseases when they transfer dangerous bacteria to sources of food. Also, they may cause an allergic reaction in some people because they occasionally bite. This is the reason you may want to get rid of house ants as quickly as possible by contacting a pest control company. Pest Control Waxhaw NC

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Carpenter Ants Can Cause Significant Damage 

Carpenter ants are bigger than other types and can cause homeowners millions of dollars in damage. While they may not present themselves obviously inside your living space, they could invade in big numbers. Often, carpenter ants set up residence inside a wooden structures like walls. They carve out tunnels and galleries to set up their nests in. They usually get their sources of food outside and send scouts to find food inside your house. Thus, when you notice a black ant or two in your kitchen, this could mean there is an army waiting to attack.