The strong relationship present between the use of modern technology and online courses

Online education has become an important part of our lives and has been significant in providing us with the efficient method through which students and teachers can effectively communicate with each other and continue with the learning process. Technology is an inclusive part of online education and also online courses thereby making it easier for the Teachers to make effective use of it to provide a better education environment to the students. In the last few years there have been several private institutions that have invested in the field of online education and create online courses that are important to bring about better understanding of concepts by the students thereby making the learning process interesting and engaging. their educational institutions also been instrumental in providing support to the students by encouraging them to take part in online courses other than what is being taught in the class curriculum. in most cases through the use of online course builder the students have been able to choose their on subjects of concentration where they want to gain a better understanding and expand their knowledge.In the last few years online education has become a significant part of the lives of the students by providing them with exposure in the form of through the use of modern technology. This includes the use of gamification as well as virtual reality, which are considered to be the most used methods in this sector. The relationship between modern technology and online courses is that it is through technology that students are able to have access to these courses because online education itself is a part of modern technology innovation. Similarly, through the help of this course the students are also provided with an opportunity to learn about technology in general and how it has been modified over the years. Online courses have enabled students to be provided with an opportunity of learning about different kinds of concepts in the field of science and engineering, Mathematics and Humanities, Technology and Social Sciences and many other such subjects. The most interesting fact is that the students have an opportunity to also learn about concepts and subjects that have a strong interconnection present between them. For example, a student who is a student of Economics is learning about the same in that last curriculum. However, if the student intends to learn about Psychology they can do so easily by taking part in these online courses where economics and psychology are taught together and the students are provided with a better idea of the relationship that is present between them. these interdisciplinary studies are often not taught in the school curriculum, As a result taking this online courses provide the students with an opportunity to learn about these relationships between inter disciplines across several subjects. The major advantage that is present in the situation is that through the use of these online courses the students are able to not only learn about the relationship that is present between different subjects but also are provided with an opportunity to make use of modern technology and implement them in the learning process.

In the last years there has been a significant increase in demand for Scholars and scientists in interdisciplinary fields based on the fact that the subjects found prominence in the industry. The taste and preference of the consumers have been changing significantly which has led to industries looking for professionals who are not only experienced in the subject but also have knowledge of these interdisciplinary concepts thereby having the ability to provide better support. Hence, it can be stated that these online courses thereby increase the opportunity for students to improve their employability prospects in the future.

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Role of the Educational Institutes

The educational institute has a very significant role to play in young Minds to take part in these online courses. They should also take the initiative of implementing some of these courses in the class curriculum as extra classes when the students will be provided credit for their performance. This will promote curiosity and innovation in the minds of the students and push them towards being more productive in the future.

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