The Role and Importance of Seed to Marijuana Strains


The initial steps of marijuana cultivation are one of the most exciting steps to achieving the final product. Every strain has its uniqueness depending on its composition and characteristics. Apart from the environment of growing marijuana, other reasons will impact the development of marijuana strains. Lets us look at why it is essential to consider marijuana products with superior genes. 

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Importance of Genetics in Marijuana

Attributes such as bud size, flavor, the concentration of THC, and effect upon consumption depend on the genes of a cannabis plant. The development stage is when a grower can choose the kinds of the final product they want. As a cultivator, you can select to interbreed the plants by growing different species or have feminized seeds for large buds with no seeds. The new plant will take characteristics of the parent plants. So it is vital to get your marijuana seeds from Seed Supreme. You can trust licensed cultivators with experience in developing thousands of varieties of cannabis strains. 

It is common for growers to want to preserve a specific line of marijuana plants. The motivation is mainly due to its superior potency to other strains. Mixing them with different strains will dilute their characteristics. It is why you need to isolate plants when cultivating. On the other hand, you can interbreed plants depending on their effect to get several feelings in one plant. 

The same exists for cannabis for medicinal benefits. There are many products available at dispensaries that can treat different kinds of conditions. Cannabis products exist in various forms. They range from medications like syrup, edibles, and extracts like oil or gel for application. Growers of medical marijuana will focus on each condition when developing suitable products. They will need to create a different strain if they want to treat other ailments as the initial development cannot treat all conditions. Although they can be utilized for similar diseases, it is crucial to have a doctor prescribe the ideal treatment for any situation. 

The Approach to High-Quality Cannabis Products

When a grower wants to get high-quality and high-yielding plants, they can consider the Seed Supreme seeds. It will be easy to predict the expected results as a person can choose the type of plant they want. It will mostly depend on the characteristics they desire. There are two approaches that an individual can take if they are going to grow for personal or commercial consumption. 

First, you can consider growing it from the seeds. In this technique, it takes a certain period since sprouting to identify the characteristics of the plant. It will be impossible to identify the specific traits you want immediately you get the seeds. However, the one selling you can showcase you the expected plant to calm the expectations. Secondly, you can consider cloning your existing plants with the strains you desire. However, there is a possible limitation as the products will deteriorate in composition due to weak genetics. The method can be beneficial for the short-term, but you can use the seeds to growing products that you can reproduce freely for the future. Ensure you let the seeds mature before harvesting, as it will impact the end product’s quality and yields.

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There are Diverse Users of Cannabis Products

The industry is experiencing massive growth as Countries and States are enacting legislation to govern the substance. Legalizing the consumption and distribution of cannabis products is beneficial to the governments as they can get revenue from the industry. It also cuts the costs of having security agencies track down criminals as people start buying from licensed shops. Also, there is minimal stigmatization of individuals who use the drug for recreation. Those depending on marijuana products for their medicinal benefits can also use the ideal product for their condition without fear. 

Apart from the different types of marijuana consumers, diverse plants exist depending on their effects. Manufacturers are adapting to the various consumer needs when coming up with additional items. The different products to consider include;

  • Pharmaceuticals; individuals taking medical marijuana can find medications in capsules or syrups. The products are developed for specific conditions depending on the doctor’s prescription. However, it is essential to check your local legislation to see if there is a need for medicinal cannabis products to have approvals from the authorities.
  • Smokables; this is perhaps the most widely known way of consuming marijuana. It is typical for individuals who use it for leisure. A joint is when the manufacturer rolls the buds with smoking papers. There are other advanced options like electronic cigarettes where a consumer vapes marijuana strains using similar devices. Another traditional way of smoking the product is through bongs and pipes.
  • Edibles; you can now consume cannabis products as food. They can either be in liquid or solid forms. However, the most common products include baked items like cookies. Also, you can find marijuana products to use as food additives. Contrary to smoking cannabis, consuming the product as edibles will take longer for a person to feel its effects. However, the effects will remain for a longer duration than the alternative. 
  • Concentrates; other forms of products available in the market are cannabis plant extracts. It utilizes various manufacturing techniques like mixing with solvents, heating the product, or utilizing pressure to extract components from the marijuana plant. 

On the other hand, other synthetic types are alternatives to the plant. They have a feel-good feeling, but unlike growing from seeds, manufacturers develop the product synthetically.


There is no reason to wonder anymore why a particular cannabis product tastes different from another. It will all depend on the genetics and other environmental factors that the developer exposed the plant to. The products we are consuming currently differ from what has been in existence in the past. In today’s markets, most of the strains are hybrids. At the same time, in the past, they were easily distinguishable as Sativa or Indica species. The main objective of the evolution in cannabis strains and products is to address the needs of various consumers.