The Most Common Types Of Personal Injury

Personal injury is a broad field of law and covers numerous kinds of accident cases like – car accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, medical malpractice, construction site accidents, burn injuries, etc. Personal injury cases are those where the victim has been injured in an accident caused by the recklessness of another party or by intentional conduct. In such cases, the injured party is entitled to receive maximum compensation from recovering all the damages caused due to the accident, such as medical bills, medication costs, loss of wages, damage to the vehicle or property, and other additional expenses. In such a scenario, a Newport Beach personal injury attorney can help you receive the compensation. 

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Some common personal injury cases are:-

  • Motor vehicle accidents: Every year millions of people are involved in vehicle accidents involving cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, etc. Most of these accidents are caused by reckless driving by drivers like – driving under influence of drugs or alcohol, impaired driving, distracted driving, etc. In a personal injury case involving motor vehicles, the at-fault party is liable to pay compensation to the victim, which sometimes covers past, present, and future losses. The damages can be traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, neck and back injuries, permanent disability, loss of wages, wrongful death, etc.
  • Medical malpractice: Medical malpractice is when a patient suffers further complications due to the negligence of the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, or other paramedical staff. There are many kinds of medical malpractice cases like – misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose terminal illness, other such serious health conditions, surgical errors, improper treatment, wrongful medication, birth injury, pharmacy errors, etc. This is a specialized field of personal injury and will need the involvement of a medical malpractice lawyer to help recover compensation.
  • Product liability cases: Product liability cases are the ones where the customer gets injured due to defective and dangerous products manufactured by a company. In some cases, improper warnings or wrong operation manuals can also lead to injuries. 
  • Wrongful death: Such a case arises when someone dies due to someone else’s recklessness. A wrongful death may arise from any cases like car accidents, truck accidents, railroad accidents, airplane accidents, medical malpractice, etc. Here the recovery of damages will be a bit unique compared to others. 

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Personal injury law is quite complex, time-consuming, and overwhelming for some injured parties. This is why you must take the legal help of a personal injury attorney to guide you through the whole process starting from doing an investigation of the case to evaluating the damages to helping you recover the compensation for the damages suffered. A seasoned personal injury attorney will be your guardian angel in any type of personal injury case.