Teaching Students Politeness

Who doesn’t like politeness? The answer is everyone. A polite person is aware of and respects the feelings of other people. Although human nature is perceived, we don’t notice any form of politeness much instead we notice rude and inconsiderate behaviour a lot. Politeness often improves your relationships with others and maintains an order of respect and rapport. It improves your communication skills by boosting your confidence. Today human nature has imitated a little bit of the nature of flies. As flies always fly around dirt and defiled things, the same way we humans notice insulting and rude behaviour but neve notice or appreciate somebody’s polite nature. Student life is the best time to teach politeness because it is such an attribute which is needed in student life very much. Because when one is in a stage of learning then it becomes necessary for him/her to be polite so that arrogance cannot block the way of learning. These days when students are learning everything from online education and tools to support its LMS portals, the school LMS also induces such lessons in their curriculum which can teach attributes like politeness. LMS portals also keep an online learning of students on the direction of school LMS so that no impolite behaviour should happen while online learning or classes. Following are the methods through which students can learn to acquire politeness with most of their interactions like with peers, family, tutors and other people in present and in their further life:

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  • The very first rule of politeness in interactions is to greet people properly saying “hello”. Doing this always makes eye contact and smiles because smiles bring smiles. Shake hands with warmth and give a hug if the other person is close one. Always stay approachable so that when another person greets you after your greeting then he/she can also have a polite reaction from you with a smile.
  • Whenever you meet with your friends and peers in the school or college or with a tutor, always try to have a small talk with them instead of passing by silently. Ask about the well-being of their families, show some interest in them but try to escape overdoing it. Also be attentive in all forms of communication like verbal and non-verbal also, so that even by mistake you should not neglect any form of communication with another person.
  • Whenever you have a conversation with another person in the school or college then try to remember even the smallest details about him/her. This makes them happy that you give him/her so much importance and start with a name. Forgive the other person for small mistakes and if anything happens, grave happens, try to be calm and try to resolve the situation politely.
  • Use two words – “sorry” & “thank you” necessarily whenever it is appropriate. These two words contain magical powers. Just a “sorry” can finish any clash and save the situation from becoming violent and just a tank you make people remember your polite and respectful gesture always. Also, you can use these two words for denying something politely. Like someone offered you a drink & you don’t drink then you say ” No, thank you” but somebody offered you water & if you are thirsty then you will say “Yes, please”.
  • Doesn’t matter what you feel seeing success but you must congratulate others for their achievement like if someone topped the class. Being polite removes ego from the conscious so appreciate the effort of another person and this will create respect for you in the heart of another person that you are happy in his/her happiness without being jealous.
  • In the future this practice of politeness makes you loved by everyone. At work you must be concerned about everyone, being caring and helpful with others doesn’t matter to colleagues or bosses. Don’t respect your position, instead respect everyone and speak to them politely. And your politeness will achieve a special place in everyone’s heart.
  • Don’t discriminate against anyone in the class or out of the class in the name of religion, name, gender, political views, or thoughts and respect everyone and try to escape to make such statements which can make someone furious. Even jokes should also not be like hurting someone’s sentiments. This kind of polite nature is loved by everyone.

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