Teaching Public Speaking Skills to the Students

Students must have heard that public speaking skill is very important for them and it is true also because public speaking skills make the students the foremost element in their life due to which they never lag behind any sector in their life. As per school LMS It is a very powerful medium of attaining success yet students get scared of it. The important question here is what is to fear so much about public speaking and why do students fear it? And the answer is fear of getting mocked by the people and getting failed in front of the mass. But what students don’t understand is that getting failed and making mistakes is the part of getting success in academic life but is it necessary and easy that students can do everything on their own or they require and need the assistance of the tutor and the answer is yes students can do good on their own but they can do better with the help of tutor and as far as public speaking is concerned then as per the suggestion of school LMS, involvement of tutor is very necessary to make the students strong on psychological level. It is so because if this fear is taken out of the minds of the student then it follows the students till adulthood and bothers them. Some kids are good at public speaking from childhood whereas some fear public speaking their whole life. 

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As a school suffering from issues related to attendance takes help from student learning management system just because this student attendance management system helps the school management solves all issues related to attendance of the students, in the same way tutors helps the students solve all the issues related to public speaking and helps the students to express their feelings in front of those whom they want to convey their messages. Tutor can convert their remedies related to issue of public speaking into funny acts like putting name of people, place and things in some cards and then put those cards in a jar and then ask the kids to pick any of the cards randomly and whichever the topic comes out in the card, child will have to speak about it that too without fear, simultaneously tutor should ban mocking of any mistake the child makes and ask from his or her peers to support him with applause. This atmosphere encourages the kids and they muster the courage to practice public speaking.  In order to make the efforts of students in order to learn public speaking more interesting and funny, the tutor should organize debates on funny topics on which students should like talking about their favorite cartoon and which of the gifts they like to get from parents or what deserts they love to eat etc.

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Students should be made to do some experiments also at home instructed by the tutor for whom tutors should take help of parents also. Students should be given a project to discuss some topics with family members and should express their views and thoughts openly in front of each member and get feedback from the family members on a paper and submit it to the tutor. Due to this practice students will gain confidence of speaking in front of strangers and take part in the debates with people other than family. Though technology has taken a leap in this era and students are well aware of technology and new tools still they need help of vocabulary and to enhance the vocabulary students need help of tutors so, tutors can suggest the kid most funny ways to enhance vocabulary and that is comics book because it contains funny stories students like and they will get huge vocabulary due to it. Tutors can organize online competitions for students where they can talk over various topics and gradually through such small sessions tutors will be able to make the children speak publicly without fear.  Tutors need to bring some mediums from out of the class boundaries such as movies. Movies like “My Fair lady” and “Kid President” elaborates a lot of difficulties about public speaking and also elucidates the ways to fight with it and overcome this issue. Following the above stated methods tutors can teach public speaking skills to the students.