Surrogacy cost with a list of services offered by feskov reproductive clinic

Surrogacy is a brilliant approach for sterile couples. Children are a blessing, and every couple desires to have one. Moreover, surrogacy is offered in many countries, but Ukraine’s the cheapest one. Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy, and it offers reasonable surrogacy procedures. Also, Ukraine is quite affordable when it comes to surrogacy. There are different costs for surrogacy in Ukraine, and the feskov reproductive clinic offers various flexible payments to the customers. The couples get flexible payment options, but they also make the procedure legal with proper documentation.

Ukraine was the first country where the surrogacy procedure was done for the first time and was successful. Even more, Ukraine was the first country where the first attempt at surrogacy resulted in the birth of a healthy child.

When surrogacy was successful in Ukraine, many reproductive clinics were opened to let people have biological children. Moreover, Kharkov is the center of surrogacy in Ukraine, where the birth of a healthy child follows the first surrogacy procedure.

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The opening of many reproductive clinics has reduced the cost of surrogacy. Furthermore, foreign nationals are highly attracted to the price of surrogacy offered in different cities of Ukraine. Due to this reason, many European couples make their way to Ukraine to get the entire procedure done. The cost of surrogacy in European countries is way higher than an ordinary couple cannot afford. An average cost of a surrogate mother in the USA is approximately $50,000, exclusive of all other expenses like travel expenses, billing expenses, legal fees, and other miscellaneous expenses. However, if it’s a cesarean, the cost increases to $100,000. On the contrary, the cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is two times lower than in the USA.

The surrogacy laws in Ukraine are quite definite, and they save the couples from the unfair claims of the surrogate mother. The couples can safely take their child to their destination after the required paperwork. The feskov leihmutter is known for the provision of great surrogacy services.

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Why should you choose the feskov reproductive clinic for surrogacy?

There are plenty of reasons to choose the feskov reproductive clinic for surrogacy.

  • Experience

The staff of the Feskov reproductive clinic has been working since 1995. This is clear evidence of their expertise. Moreover, the clinic has completed more than hundreds of successful IVF procedures. The clinic even ensures a 100% guarantee of the birth of a healthy newborn.

  • Healthy children

Feskov reproductive clinic has expertise in human genomics along with PGD diagnostics. This way, the staff can choose a healthy embryo so that there is no transmission of hereditary diseases. Besides, the clinic helps people in choosing the gender of their child too.

  • Confidentiality

The Feskov reproductive clinic works on a system entirely based on confidentiality. The clinic has a reliable information protection system for every independent patient.

  • Reliable database

Feskov reproductive clinic has a variety of phenotypes from Asia, Europe, and Africa from which you can choose the ideal donor, the one you wish.


Surrogacy is the only process that helps couples enjoy the laughter and first steps of their genetic child. Otherwise, in the previous years, there was no other option except to adopt a child from different welfares. Besides that, surrogacy was successful in Ukraine, and since then, Ukraine has become the hub of surrogacy.

Besides, there are many reasons to choose the feskov reproductive clinic because the staff at this clinic specializes in different IVF procedures, and one can truly rely on the clinic to get any procedure done. However, the feskov agency is known for providing breakthrough services.