Personal Trainers: Strengthen Your Resume By Getting a Group Exercise Instructor Certification

While it is fun working one-on-one as a personal trainer, you can make more money if you include a certification for group instruction among your fitness endorsements. Doing so will make working in fitness more rewarding and give you an edge in the job market.

Maybe you have worked several years as a personal trainer. Or, perhaps you just received your personal training certification but would like to increase your job offers. If so, you can include individual designations, such as sports nutrition, yoga, indoor cycling, or strength training among your specialties. However, nothing helps you more than focusing on training a group.

That is why it is helpful to review the benefits associated with a group exercise instructor certification. This training includes learning more about group bootcamp instruction. Therefore,  you can work with people who are already strong physically. By working in this capacity,  conducting a class is easier as people already have established certain fitness goals and habits.

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Some of the Material You’ll Cover

When you take the certification training, you will learn methods covering group exercise instruction, small group personal training, and anatomy for strength training. What is great about training online is that you can follow a book and DVD. 

Also, the material goes beyond basic theories and shows hands-on ways to set up group instruction for exercise. You are given the information to cue your class and are provided various processes you can use while teaching. Industry best practices give you the ability to establish group exercise just about anywhere.

Learn More About HIIT

You can learn how to instruct older students and watch videos that show you how to perform specific drills and warm-ups in various class formats. Students also can get more in-depth info about high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for bootcamp activities. 

When you take the course, you will find that you can master the material as it is easier to retain and apply. Refer to professional tips while learning so you can retain specific highlights to help you when taking your exam. Your training as a group instructor will cover different subjects than what you already know as a personal trainer – subjects that will help you expand your expertise as an exercise expert and professional fitness trainer.

By taking a group exercise certification course, you will gain a foundation that will help you refine your current skill set and enhance your marketability in the field of personal training and health. Not only will you learn about group dynamics, you will further your understanding of the science of exercise. Topics may cover kinesiology, recreation, and public health and well-being.

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Make More Money in the Fitness Field

Do you want to broaden your skills as a personal trainer? If so, you should seek out training as a group instructor online. Doing so will give you the ability to expand your client base and make more money after a while. After all, If you receive fees from 20 people in a class and conduct group classes several times a week, that amount can quickly add up.

Open Up the Door to Opportunity Today

Gear classes to boot camp participants, older exercisers, or teens. It is completely up to you. There are so many group fitness classes to lead as an instructor, whether you want to do it part-time or make it a permanent career. Regardless of how you plan to proceed, never forget to build your brand and client base by investing in a personal trainer software and you will find that this will lead to many opportunities for you.