Paul Mampilly: Paving The Way To Financial Success

Anyone who has read Paul Mampilly reviews in the past will notice that there is a common motif to be found. As a proven investment expert, Mampilly is able to guide clientele in the right direction when it comes to their financial objectives. He’s also known as a one-man idea machine, as his recommendations have generated massive profits.

So how does Mampilly go about the task of generating all of these amazing ideas? Let’s take a closer look at who he is and what he does. Paul Mampilly is not a scam artist and he does not believe in get-rich-quick schemes. All of his ideas are generated as a result of his forward-thinking mentality and his willingness to trade in a more hands-on manner. The following traits are among the many reasons why his advice is so well trusted:

Well Experienced

Paul Mampilly is drawing on 25 years of experience as a prominent and reputable investor. His investment management skills are top of the line and second to none. He’s acquired all of this experience by working with a wide range of companies as well. With so many different experiences to draw from, it is no wonder why he is able to stand apart from the crowd.

In fact, he got his start working as an assistant portfolio manager at the Bankers Trust Company on Wall Street. When he finished school back in 1991, this is the company that first decided to take a chance on him. They were handsomely rewarded for the decision. In time, he was promoted and he had the chance to become a full portfolio manager for this organization. The promotion was notable at the time because he had not been out of college for very long.

Once Deutsche Bank purchased the organization, Mampilly was kept on but his role began to change. He now credits the years he spent working as an assistant to the research manager for the transformation that took place. This job gave him the chance to take a different approach and learn more about the world of investments. He now perceives them in a totally different way.

A Fresh Approach

Before any investment decision is made, Paul Mampilly reviews all of the information that is available to him. He prides himself on taking the time to thoroughly analyze every facet of the investment. This is advice that he is happy to pass along to all of his clientele. Mampilly is someone who wants to see all of his clients succeed and he does not believe in misleading anyone.

When Deutsche Bank promoted him to senior research manager for the portfolio management team, he took this opportunity to learn even more. This is another step on his career path that he deems pivotal to his current approach. As the senior research manager, Mampilly was able to hone his leadership skills, making it much easier for him to advise his current and future clients.

By the time he arrived at Banyan Hill, Mampilly was prepared to manage portfolios that were worth billions. This is not an opportunity that fell into his lap because, at his core, Paul Mampilly is not an opportunist. He’s spent decades navigating the investment world and learning everything that he can. This is the knowledge that he happily passes along because he does not want clients to experience any of the usual pitfalls.

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Getting Results

The numbers more than speak for themselves. When Kinetics Asset Management decided to recruit Mampilly, they had one simple goal in mind. They wanted to transform the performance of their hedge fund, so that investors could receive better results. It was not long before Mampilly would have the hedge fund performing at a rate that was more than viable for all investors.

Mampilly reversed the fortunes of the hedge fund within a mere two years and did not stop pressing the gas pedal even when positive results were evident within six months. The hedge fund, which was sitting at $5.5 billion when Mampilly arrived, grew to a massive $30 billion. These are the kinds of results that he is capable of but he did not ascend to this position overnight. The return on investment that he has to offer has won him various titles within the industry, as well as the respect of those who are truly in the know.

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