NextGen EMR: A Next-level Prescribing Solution

Frankly speaking, most practitioners don’t give the prescription tool the attention it deserves. They select EMR solutions considering the number of features offered; however, it’s not the right approach. The prime element needed to run a successful clinical practice is a thorough diagnosis and accurate prescribing. Both these things are crucial for the growth, success, and reputation of practices. These play a significant role in attaining and retaining clients, for the patients will show positive care outcomes only if they are treated rightfully.

For this very reason, it is essential to see which level of e-prescribing tool an EMR vendor offers. While conducting research for EMR selection, you need to look into this aspect, for it is more important than the pricing structure. Paying concentrated attention to this feature of EMR systems can get you to the height of success by helping you treat patients skillfully and carefully. The option you have here is Next Gen EMR. It is the most appreciated and remarkable tool when it comes to e-prescription.  

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E-prescription By NextGen EMR Software 

As we said above, NextGen EMR is the best-in-class solution for prescribing functionality. The software even won the top rank by Surescripts in 2018 and was awarded the Highest Accuracy White Coat Award. This alone is enough to help you understand the vendor’s supremacy in this category. However, it is not an easy task at hand, and winning an award in this category is truly an honor. The award enables the vendor to hold a competitive place in the healthcare industry as patient care services are all providers root for.  

Like all other physicians, you may have suffered the complexities stemming from the broad spectrum of diseases. It’s understandable that you can’t always remember which medicine is the most effective and under which case. That’s why NextGen software features a comprehensive tool for your assistance. It minimizes the struggle of medical professionals by working with authentic medical codes, thus removing duplicacy errors. This way, you can prescribe effective medications with zero probability of mishaps.  

NextGen EMR software plays a crucial role in shaping the prescriptions by keenly weighing the drugs. Adding to it, the vendor looks for contradictory reactions which may be detrimental to the patient’s health. Along with these two factors, there’s another prime factor to consider. And that is, NextGen EMR software allows for substance-controlled prescriptions too. This means that the care providers can prescribe the best suitable medication by looking into their patient’s medical history. It gives providers a sense of control over their patient’s health.  

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Features of NextGen EMR’s Prescribing Tool 

Now, we will move to the impressive capabilities of this distinctive e-prescription feature offered by Next Gen EMR. We compiled an impressive list of features by viewing the demo of NextGen EMR and reading the reviews given by NextGen EMR users. By looking at the features this prescribing tool holds for providers, you can comprehend if it’s really a perfect choice for you or not. So, let’s have a look at some exciting features of the prescribing tool of NextGen EMR.  

Prescribe with Accuracy

The best point to consider is that this impressive clinical tool allows all medical professionals to prescribe accurately. There’s no chance of misinterpretations, and this is mainly for two reasons. First is that this e-prescription feature of Next Gen EMR works under the supervision of medical codes. So it helps providers to just plug in the right codes for that particular disease, and the software highlights the suitable drugs. The second reason is the vendor checks for harmful drug interactions. It sends alerts to notify professionals if they are doing something wrong. And this way, the system assures that the patients get the care they deserve.  

Integrated With EHR

This is the most outstanding feature of the e-prescription tool of Next Gen EMR. Even the reviews of NextGen EMR illustrate how the users praise the system for its thorough integration. Not only does the system allows for integration outside the clinical boundaries, but it ensures all its features are thoroughly integrated for a smooth clinical workflow. For example, providers don’t have to go through all the patient’s history by switching tabs for filling the prescriptions. NextGen Software understands how tiring it can be, and thus it offers seamless integration. In addition, providers can prescribe appropriately by looking at the clinical summaries for enhanced accuracy. 

Integrations with Pharmacies

Another noteworthy point highlighted in the NextGen EMR reviews is its endless integration with pharmacies. The software allows providers to give seamless relaxation to their patients by providing them convenience in the best possible way. With NextGen EMR software, sharing e-prescriptions to the patient’s preferred pharmacies is a piece of cake. All this can be done digitally with high-grade security so that there’s no chance of the prescriptions getting mixed up. It is a great way to gain patients’ trust.  

Allows for Refills

A worth-praising feature of this phenomenal tool is that it works in the best interest of both patients and physicians. As far as patients are concerned, the NextGen EMR allows getting the prescriptions re-filled using the patient portals. There’s no need for patients to bother visiting the clinic just to get a prescription refill. They can send a request via their portals, and the doctors can refill the prescriptions electronically. It saves the precious time of both patients and medical professionals. Also, it helps engage more clients as patients prefer convenience above all.  You can also check other e-prescribing EHR solutions at Software Finder that is best for your medical practices.

Concluding Thoughts

We don’t think there’s any point left out. We tried to cover all the aspects of NextGen’s prescription tool, but we won’t recommend you to just stick without words. You should schedule a demo with NextGen EMR for this way; you will get to evaluate the vendor better. Also, reading the reviews of NextGen EMR will also be of great help to you as you can learn significant facts about this impressive software. Based on the facts we have presented, we can say that the prescribing feature of NextGen Software is lit. However, nothing is holding the vendor back from enabling the care professionals to deliver next-level patient care services.