Methods Of Egg Preparation

Using eggs to create different kinds of dishes is a very exciting activity. This is usually caused by differences in individual taste and preference. To make the process even less stressful and more rapid, kitchen equipment known as the egg cooker has been made available.

You can simply purchase them in electrical outlets or order them online on e-commerce websites. Moreover, you should be careful when choosing the type of electric cookers to buy. You can try to check out some reviews and recommendations from sites like to further help you make the right purchasing decisions.

Egg cookers are capable of boiling, poach, scramble eggs, and make an omelette. However, some of us might still not know the meaning of these methods of preparing eggs and hence, I am going to expatiate a bit on these methods to enable you to know the differences between them.

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  • Boiling

Boiling eggs is one of the easiest ways of preparing eggs. This can be done by anyone who knows how to lit a fire and place a pot with some quantity of water in it on the fire. Put your eggs inside the water and leave it for sometimes for the eggs to boil. In the case of an egg cooker, all you need do is to put water in the hot base and suspend your eggs in the tray over the water. Cover the lid of the cooker and switch it on to boil your eggs. Boiled eggs can either be hard-boiled or soft-boiled depending on how you like them. When your eggs are boiled to your satisfaction, you can remove them and proceed to peel off their shells carefully to avoid shattering your eggs.

  • Poaching

This is the removal of the eggshell before cooking it in low-temperature water in order not to overcook the egg. This method requires a bit of professionalism and calmness from you so that you will not end up destroying the shape of the egg. You can add some vinegar to improve the taste of the egg if you like.

  • Scrambling

This method of egg dish blends the white and yolk of an egg while preparing it. It is very simple to make for a newbie and requires some extra efforts for the professionals. During their preparation, it is always common to add milk especially creamy ones or butter, seasonings and salts, and spices like pepper. Some people go as far as adding cheese to get an amazing scrambled egg dish.

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  • Omelette

This is very similar to a scrambled egg but for a slight difference. While scrambled eggs are stirred together to give you chunks of eggs at the end of the day, omelette on the other hand; is always in one mass like a pancake. The method of preparation is not different from that of scrambled eggs and you also add all the aforementioned ingredients to get a delicious omelette.

Those are the concise and precise explanations of the different methods of preparing eggs with the aid of an egg cooker. Just check out the reviews of some of these egg cookers using the link above and decide on the one that suits you best.