LED signs are best for advertising! But beware of these mistakes!

Do you know what dominates the advertising world today? Catchy boards and attractive LED signs! These are truly successful achievers in captivating your viewers’ and potential customers’ attention towards your brand. And why not! Their attractiveness and uniqueness make them the leaders, and no one can deny how these factors impress everyone nowadays. But even a fabulous looking LED sign can go wrong. And do you know why? Because of certain silly mistakes while installing them.

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Ø  Some LED signs mistakes that are enough to crush your fabulous brand marketing strategy!

Brand marketing certainly requires a lot of planning and investment. Firstly, you have to get hold of the best designers and creators of LED signs in Melbourne, World Advertising can be contacted for creating a fantastic LED sign board for you for exceptionally attractive LED signages. But imagine if you aren’t getting the right results from your LED signs? Yes, it is a depressing issue and the reasons for the same maybe the ones listed below:

o   Not hiring the best services — The final outcome of any LED design depends on the talent and services of the creators. And if they aren’t experienced and not perfect in their designs and creation, then your signs are going to be ineffective. No one pays attention to sloppy work and slipshod designs. So, your investments go in vain.

o   Too bright or too dull lights — We know you want to create a fascinating brand representation with the help of these LED signs. But that doesn’t mean that you should make it extremely bright! This would have a negative impact on the prints and images and your viewers may not understand the sign completely. Even being too dull leads to ignoring the signage! Balance as always is the key.

o   Improper timing of the blinking of the lights — For LED signs, timing is everything! If your lights aren’t blinking in a uniform motion or stay dim or bright or go off for too long, you know the blunder is in the timing of the lights. Ensure to schedule them rightly under an expert’s advice who will suggest the best time interval of the lights in your LED sign.

o   Unclear message — LED signs are signboards after all. If you aren’t conveying your message precisely here, the entire idea of investing in them would flop! Be sure to be clear, visible, precise (remember — people are going to see it on the go – so a voluminous, drawling message shall be lost in vain), catchy, and perfect in your signs — and it’s never going to see a dull day ever!

o   Clearly define your target – You put up your signage keeping in mind some goal that you want to achieve for your business or brand. If that is not achieved, then all your planning and investment goes in vain. So, there should be a clear message and definite call to action that should directly appeal to your target audience. For example – You probably own a laundromat with pick up and drop off facilities – most people would love to have this service at their doorstep, especially during this pandemic period. But how would they contact you if you do not tell them that clearly and also mention the contact details to book the services.

o   Invisible Signage – You invest in advertising to flaunt your brand. What use is it if it blinks in an empty corner or a road less frequented? Before placing your signage, it is very essential to mark spots that would yield high visibility.

o   No dedicated operator – You have created a lovely signage and it is reaping results for you too. Congratulations! But did this make you so happy that you developed a sloppy attitude about handling the signage? Did your staff forget to turn the signage on a couple of times last month? And when you try to pin them, they keep passing the blame from one to another. To avoid such situations, you need someone dedicated who shall be responsible in handling the signage (and shall be answerable to you too!) Also, you need to review and revise the message in your signage time and again. For example – If you are a restaurant offering weekly specials that is highlighted through the LED signs to attract your clients, then you need to change the message every week to update the weekly specials. All these can be easily done – you only need someone responsible for taking up the tasks.

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These mistakes clearly say that if you aren’t emphasising on the right tricks, your LED signs are going to turn out into a huge loss for you. So, better read these again the next time you visit the experts for designing LED signs and ensure you aren’t committing these mistakes by any chance.