LA auto accident: Avoid these mistakes

Los Angeles residents know that car accidents are not rare in the city. However, getting involved in an on-road mishap can be a traumatic experience. People end up making mistakes that impact their prospects of getting compensated for their injuries, especially when the other driver was clearly at fault. In such circumstances, your immediate concern should be about hiring one of the local car accident attorneys LA for advice. Here are things you should not do after an auto accident. 

Running away from the scene

Don’t be fooled to assume that the accident was a minor fender bender, and you don’t need to wait. Regardless of the situation, pull over and call the local law enforcement. If you are okay, use the time to take pictures of your injuries and the scene. Wait for the investigating officer and answer their questions without oversharing. 

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Missing out on medical attention

The aftermath and impact of an auto accident can be overwhelming. You may not feel immediate pain because of the adrenaline rush, but don’t forget to go to a doctor later. If you are seriously injured, or someone needs medical help, call 911 and share the local details.

Admitting that you were responsible

California laws are such that you can ask for a settlement from the other at-fault party even when you are more to blame for the accident. However, if you say anything to the other party or their insurer about your fault, they could use it against you. Do not admit fault, no matter how much pressure you face. 

Not hiring a lawyer

You don’t need an auto accident lawyer as far as legal requirements are concerned. However, winning an accident claim can be far worse than you can imagine. You need to hire an attorney who can fight for your interests and ask questions related to their work and expertise. Lawyers can spot insurance tactics and can negotiate on your behalf. 

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Not following up with medical care

If your doctor has recommended a treatment plan, you must follow the same. Don’t ignore the need for physical therapy or other treatments that may aid in your recovery. Also, make a file that contains all your medical bills, treatment cost details, and invoices. Your lawyer will use the information to determine the worth of your claim. 

Find a reliable accident lawyer immediately after the mishap. You have two years to file a civil lawsuit as per California’s statute of limitations.