Just Moved to Pune? Download these Apps to Make Life Easier

As a student or a young professional who’s just moved to Pune, you’re probably feeling immensely grateful for the convenience of your smartphone. We don’t know about people who lived in the pre-digital age but being able to navigate a whole new city at a tap of your fingers has made your life in Pune a whole lot easier. Whether it’s finding 1 BHK flats for rent in Pune or learning how to manage your money in a new city, there’s an app on your smartphone to help you with whatever you need. And we’re here to add to that list today. Here are five of the most important apps that you should download if you’ve recently moved to Pune.

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It probably goes without saying but moving to a new city is an expensive business. You’re going to have to make payments at every step of the way. And it is high time that those payments went digital. Not only is it safer and quicker than using cash, but it also ensures that you have a ready record of where you’re spending your money. PayTM is only one of the online transaction apps that you can use, so feel free to download any of its various other counterparts as well. You’ll be easily able to track your expenses, pay your bills, and even earn rewards by using an app like this and save yourself a lot of hassle too. Perfect when you’re managing the stress of living in a new city. So, skip counting your loose change and download PayTM.


When you’re new to a city, you have a lot on your plate. And remembering the different tasks that you have to handle can be too much at times. So, how do you manage to ensure that you can keep track of your orientation at work, making copies of your door key, setting up utilities and finishing your chores without feeling like you’re losing your mind? The answer is simple. AnyDo. This is an app that will make adulting really easy for you. Simply put in the different tasks that you want to complete in a day or week along with the deadline. The app will send you reminders until you mark the task as done. And they’ve got a really handy ‘plan your day’ pop up that’s going to inspire you to be your most-organised self. This is a real game-changer for someone who’s juggling as many things as you are in a new city. 



So, moving to Pune is probably your first experience with managing your money, right? And while you may have a different app for payments, you need a place to budget and plan your finances too. That’s where Toshl Finance comes in. This app allows you to organise your expenses according to category and create a budget for yourself every month. Analyse your spending patterns each month and help yourself stick to your budget and save more money. This is the app that’s standing between you and a financially responsible adulthood.


One of the first things to get sacrificed when you move to a new city like Pune is sleep. And it makes sense, there’s always so many exciting things to do and projects to complete by a certain deadline that it’s easy to overextend yourself and miss out on sleep. But perpetual sleep deprivation isn’t good for you and won’t help you feel your best in Pune. So, Sleepbot can be a really useful app to have. You can use it to track the amount and quality of sleep that you have every night and to set alarms to help you wake up in the morning. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you’re getting enough sleep.

Google Maps

If you’ve only been using Google Maps to find the route between places that you don’t know in Pune, you’re not getting the most out of the app. You can actually use Maps to find everything from public transport to accommodation. All you need to do is put in the required keyword in the search bar. You’ll get all the nearby options along with their prices. So, if you’re new in Pune and looking for a place to stay, simply search on Maps, and you’ll be directed to several accommodation options including professionally managed residences like Stanza Living which are in your vicinity. You can then directly check out their website from the app itself or visit the residence location to see the space in person. 

So, there you have it. These are some of the apps that are going to change the way you live as a young person in Pune. So, go ahead and download them right now. 



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