How to Use Servers to Elevate Your Business

In February of twenty-twenty, Muriel Abbott was excited to take her brand new video game live.

She had spent years creating the ultimate role-playing game she had dreamed about since the time she was very young and had first fallen into the world created by her favorite game, Final Fantasy. She loved that it had the ability to create entire worlds from scratch, giving her the feeling of travelling to far-away lands in distant times to have exciting adventures.

Her game was called Witches of the Night, and Muriel had poured everything she had into it.

She remembers spending the entire day before her planned launch sick to her stomach. “I was so nervous,” she said. “I just wondered whether anyone was going to like it, you know? It represented three years of my life and I thought if everyone hated it then it was just going to be a waste.”

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The launch numbers were less than stellar. Muriel was self-publishing her game and although she had been prepared for the worst, she was secretly hoping for the best.

In spite of low numbers, it wasn’t long before reviews on her page began to accumulate. They were overwhelmingly popular. “I feel like I could play this for a year straight and not get bored,” one enthusiastic user commented. 

Although it wasn’t the response Muriel was hoping for, she was satisfied with making a few people happy.

And then, the unexpected happened.

In this article, we’re going to look closer at Muriel’s experience with her servers and discuss how you can use these great devices to your benefit, as well.

Pandemic Approaching

It was early March when Muriel first remembered hearing rumblings about the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I didn’t think much of it,” she said. “I thought it was a problem people were facing abroad that would never impact me where I lived. I guess I was wrong.”

Little did she know that she was wrong in more ways than one. 

Halfway through the month, she started to realize the tide was turning.

“I worked part time as a substitute teacher back then,” she said. “I went home for spring break not knowing if I would be able to return.”

It turned out that she was not able to return. The school district in her area decided to keep students home and have teachers and students work remotely until it was safe for them to return to in-person schooling.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do,” Muriel said. “I was really scared. To tell you the truth, my game never even crossed my mind.”

While she was worrying about her economic future, something was happening to her little online world. She was gaining users – and fast. 

Her game was still running off of her home computer. She knew that she had enough storage space on her computer to run the game for up to one hundred people at a time. She was sure that she wouldn’t need an upgrade for quite some time. Click here for more information about computer memory.

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Tidal Wave

One night Muriel logged onto her game creator account to check on her user reviews. To her surprise, she had acquired hundreds in a matter of a few days.

To her horror, she saw that the most recent wave of comments all said, “Great game…when it loads!”

With many people stuck at home, people had begun to flock to her game in droves. It was her dream come true – except that she was disappointing avid gamers with a sluggish gameplay.

It was then that she knew: she needed an upgrade. Only through using a servers storages could she handle all of the new fans of her game.

Happy Ending

It wasn’t long before Muriel had found a solution to her problem – and one that might benefit you, too.

Muriel upgraded to a high-capacity gaming server. It was easily able to handle the processing load of up to ten thousand players at once.

Witches of the Night became a hit. Muriel went right to work on her next game, Witches of the Day.

Her game served as a source of passive income while she followed her passion. Click the link: for more information about passive income.

Muriel found that her dreams came true once she upgraded to a sophisticated server that was well-suited for her needs. A server boosts processing speeds, which can be a benefit to any business that operates online – which, in this day and age, are nearly all businesses.

A server doesn’t just benefit gaming companies. Think about the possibilities: extended network capabilities for your next lip gloss launch; reformatting your office to accommodate an increased work-from-home workflow.  The sky is the limit with high-quality servers.