How to Design Product Detail Pages for Mobile Devices

If you think that designing product pages for smaller screens is an easy task, think again. As more and more consumers spend time on their smartphones; therefore, it is important to create high-quality product pages that engage your mobile audience. Maximizing the limited real-estate on a mobile device while delighting users and offering convenience are the most challenging undertakings. Mobile shoppers will abandon your site if they find it hard to find the desired product within a few steps. If mobile product pages are designed well, they will definitely help shoppers to find their desired product and convince them to make a purchase.

If truth be told, a well-designed product detail page will ensure a smoother checkout process and increase your website conversion rate. If you are thinking about how to design product detail pages for mobile devices, here are some effective design strategies that will help you create high-converting mobile product detail pages.

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1. Place All the Important Information

When it comes to designing for smaller screens, it is advised to include all the relevant information that is present on the desktop version. However, it makes sense to change the way information is presented on your website, but it doesn’t mean to overwhelm the user by bombarding them with too much information. Mobile users want the most relevant information about the product to make a purchase decision, so show the most important details above-the-fold.

2. Include High-Quality Product Images

Product images is one of the most important aspects of the sales process that can help ecommerce businesses to achieve their conversion rate. Therefore, it is important to choose high-quality images for your product detail pages. Mobile shoppers want to see every single detail about the product in order to make a well-informed purchase decision. So, try to capture the product from different angles so that users can easily view the product in detail. Make sure the images are adjustable to the smaller screen size; otherwise, it will lead to frustration.

Bonus Tip: Adding a 360-degree view or a short product video is a sensible idea to make your product detail pages super awesome.


3. Save Shopping Cart Details

If you want to offer a smooth and memorable user experience, then you should consider this option. You can increase the usability of your product detail page by allowing users to save the shopping cart details. The cart page should be visible all the time and save all the products users want to purchase. It will make it easier for shoppers to access them again at any time in the future. Thankfully, there are many cart saver plugins available that you can use for your mobile product detail pages that eliminate the need to navigate multiple pages to add products back to the cart.

4. Focus on Alternate CTA Buttons

You can include secondary CTA buttons to your e-commerce site that will persuade shoppers to take action. You can use a number of CTA buttons on your product detail page to increase your chances of getting more conversions. For instance, you can ask shoppers to add the product to the Wishlist, share the product, or write a review. While designing alternate CTA buttons, make sure to use the colors that don’t compete with your main CTA button, otherwise, it will prevent users from taking the main action.

5. Feature Product Recommendations

Mobile users are busy; they don’t have much time to browse your whole site to see the complete selection of products. Adding recommendations to your product detail pages is a sensible idea to prompt users to see other items available on your ecommerce store. It will definitely increase the conversion rate of your mobile product pages.


There is no denying the fact that more and more people are using their smartphone to make online purchases. But there are some people that prefer the desktop version to complete the purchase process. In order to convince shoppers to convert on mobile, designing product detail pages that offer incredible user experience is a worthwhile decision. It helps ecommerce businesses to accomplish their sales goals and earn more profit. With the help of a website design company, you can easily create an impressive product detail page for your mobile site that will surely convince people to complete the purchase decision.