How to Design a Mobile Platform to Guarantee Its Success on the Market?

More than 2.22 million mobile apps were available in the App Store in the first quarter of 2021. How to make sure your app ranks among top products and users don’t want to stop using it? UI/UX designers from Andersen have the answer.

Simple and user-friendly interface

Designs and UX strategies make apps unique and eye-catching. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for UI/UX design – everything depends on the target audience’s expectations. However, there are some general tips and recommendations.

UX is, first and foremost, about convenience. Scattered images and text will create navigation problems. A limited number of elements on the screen will save users time. Visual division of important information will help users take the desired action.

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Pages should have a minimum of accent colors and a lot of space, while content should be the focus of attention.

Adaptation for different iPhone models

An app should adapt to the screen sizes of various iOS devices. Make sure that the content fits into a screen and is convenient for users to read. Guidelines recommend two basic sizes: iPhone SE (320px width and 588px height) and iPhone X (375px width and 812px height).

Digital illustrations

Color, texture, and contrast are aimed at helping users navigate the app faster. In some cases, it’s recommended to limit the color palette to the colors of the company’s logo.

Dynamic visual experience

Pioneers like GreenSock made interactive animation part of UX. Visual effects attract the human eye, so designers stake on animated graphics, micromovements, and macro animation. High-speed Internet and improved mobile devices enable designers to implement interactive projects.

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Voice assistants

A few years ago, about 42% of users applied voice search, and this trend is continuing to rise. According to Quoracreative, voice purchases alone will grow from $10 billion to $40 billion by 2022. Today, designers are implementing innovative AI-powered voice interface design in apps.

Passwordless authentication

Passwordless authentication makes it easier for users to log on to the system. Fingerprint scanning, face recognition, and other ways to identify a user are a crucial part of UI/UX design too.

Liquid swipe and buttonless design

Buttons take up space on a screen, so designers gradually stop using them and opt for swipes and scrollbars. Apple, Samsung, and Google have been standing for blank screens and the least number of buttons in apps for a long time.


Designers must think both creatively and critically at the same time in order to create a unique UI/UX app design. By doing so, they will be able to choose the right color palettes, visual effects, and control elements.

To create a catchy design, you need to combine uniqueness, usefulness, appealing look, and innovation. A high-quality and impressive app interface makes people think that if a company cares about the design, it also provides first-class services.

If you need assistance with mobile app development for iOS or Android, contact Andersen. Our specialists have implemented many projects in various areas – from mobile banking to healthcare apps.


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