How to Decorate your Cafe in 2021 – 9 Pro Tips

Are you running a cafe and looking for unique ways to decorate it? If yes, then you are at the right place. 

The cafe should not only look beautiful but should also be comfortable for customers. Here are some amazing ideas that help you decorate your cafe in 2021. 

#1 Work on the Concept, Style, and Theme

Before designing your cafe, you must be clear about its theme. For example, an Italian restaurant has a red and white checkered tablecloth, wine accessories, and Italian wall decor. A modern cafe can have brick walls with modern-style furniture. 

A vintage cafe may have classic, timeless decor and all-natural wood decor. An outdoor theme cafe can have lots of colors, plants, and flowers. 

Likewise, you can have lots of wall hangings, rugs, and ceramics in a bohemian style. So design your cafe according to the concept. 

Design upon your menu style, a traditional physical menu, digital or chalkboard menu, and design the place accordingly.

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#2 Sufficient Seating

Whatever style, concept, or theme you choose. Your seating should be sufficient. You must have ample capacity seating for larger groups and small two or four-seaters too. For a large seating capacity that saves space, use long tables covered with Rectangular Tablecloths that match the theme of your cafe.

 Install bench-style eating on the wall side to save space. If your cafe is bohemian style, include floor seating with lots of floor cushions, floor tables, and a .couch too.

Install high chairs at the coffee or bar side. In addition, you can have extra bean bags and stools for extra storage.

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#3 Maintain the Hygiene

A satisfactory experience is also crucial, along with the setup. Your place must be very tidy, organized with good washroom facilities. Create a beautiful washroom with exotic finishing and wall decor.

Install all the essentials, and never fall short of them: the napkins, hand dryers. Likewise, hand washes, sanitizers, and everything must be appropriate.

#4 Gorgeous Wall art

Cafe walls can never be bare. So, hang some incredible wall canvas that suits the style of your cafe. A minimalist, coffee definition one for minimalist coffee cafes. 

A bold graffiti or mandala design for a bohemian-style restaurant or a loud abstract piece for modern spaces. Make sure you choose the trending and high-quality prints for the walls of your cafe.

You can also hang wall hangings like macrame or other tapestry art. Fancy mirrors and pots hung on macrame look gorgeous in a free-style bohemian touch cafe. Also, you can also hang a large vintage clock; it imparts classic retro looks to our cafe.

#5 Practical Chalkboard

Chalkboard and cafes look cute together. Install wall-mounted chalkboard or a chalkboard with a stand. Write daily quotes, menus, or recipes on it. 

It looks very chic and gorgeous. It is such an economic element; you don’t have to spend a penny maintaining it. You can also turn an entire wall into a chalkboard and write the cafe menu on it.

#6 Personalized Gallery Wall

You can curate a gallery wall, where you can add all the memories of your cafe. Inauguration day photo prints, designing days, the members. Photos with guests or anything. You can ask people to write something and hang and paste beautiful papers on the board.

#7 Bring the Outdoors and Indoors

The greenery looks very calming and gorgeous. Place indoor plants on floating shelves, tables, or large pots on the corners. Indoor plants are great air purifiers and look brilliant.

#8 Make the Cafe Fun

Make it fun by adding an audio-video system; you can also include board games, cards, or if you have room for table games. Organize a vertical shelf for books and magazines. Set up a music area with chairs and musical instruments.

#9 Photo Session Area

Create a fun backdrop that can be a spare wall inside or outside. For example, Moss plant backdrop or plant hung on walls or a bicycle. Create or DIY a unique backdrop that becomes the signature element of your cafe.

Let’s Wrap It

Decorating and designing your cafe can be very exhausting and enjoyable at the same time. So don’t lose focus and create a lovely place with delicious food and good hygiene practices. 

Don’t make it overcrowded by taking up all the ideas, make room for walking and activity, and it will turn out to be the finest one.


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