How To Choose Healthy Snacks For Your Children

Parents have special demands for snacks for their children. After all, it’s all about the child’s health. Treats should be handy, conveniently packaged, and, most importantly, taste good. Here are some points to consider when choosing snacks for kids, along with some healthy snack ideas.

What To Look For In Snacks For Children

There are three key points to look for in snacks for kids:

  • Good composition. Such products should not contain added sugar or artificial colors. The composition should, however, contain valuable nutrients, microelements, and vitamins.
  • Practical packaging. In addition to the aspects related to a balanced diet, healthy snacks for children should also be conveniently packed so that they can be easily taken anywhere with you. Pay attention to this both for toddlers who require an extra dose of energy in the playground and older kids who need a delicious snack for school.
  • Aesthetic and attractive appearance. The aesthetics are also important — this applies equally to the packaging and the snack itself. Whether you prepare snacks for your child yourself or choose ready-made products, remember that the appearance of the treatment often determines how willingly your child will reach for it.

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Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

Here are some ideas on healthy and delicious snacks that children like:

  • Fruit gummies. Following the trend of pure ingredients and meeting customers’ expectations, food producers create jellies and gummies with a short and simple composition. Such products consist mainly of fruit purees and concentrated juices. Despite such jellies having a simple and short composition, they are still sweets loved by kids.
  • Fruit and cereal bars. You can find the so-called healthy bars based on dried fruits, nuts, and cereals more and more often. They differ from traditional bars in that they do not contain added sugar, palm oil, dyes, flavors, emulsifiers, and other unnecessary substances.

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  • Mousses in tubes. Mousses and smoothies are becoming very popular due to their convenient form. They are usually based on fruit (most often apple) or vegetables (carrot) purées. Some mousses contain not only fruit purées but also vegetables, cereals, and yogurt. Check also such positions as HiPP baby cereal.
  • Fresh fruit and nuts. These products are the most healthy and delicious sources of good calories.
  • Dried fruits. Make sure to choose products that do not have added sugar in the composition.
  • Crisps made of dried vegetables or fruits. You can even look for the recipe for homemade veggie crisps. Kids love it so much! And if you don’t have time or are just out of the house, you can buy crisps of dried beetroot, carrot, pepper, apple, or peach in the store — the choice is huge.
  • Rice waffles. The best ones are made of brown rice. It is probably the most popular snack for children on playgrounds, but here you have to check the ingredients since some of them contain sugar and other unnecessary additives.
  • Cheese sticks. Such snacks are the daily amount of calcium in your kid’s bag.