How these bathroom accessories will redefine convenience and health standards

You know they say, “home is where love is’ and as cliche as it can get, we all know that there will be no one that doesn’t like to have a fashionable and stylish place to dwell in! 

Washrooms/Bathrooms with sophisticated interiors are an ‘add on’ to your beautiful home.’ Exquisite products like so can change the game for you!

Your bathroom is one of the top-most places that need a hygienic and clean environment, for you to be able to lead a healthy and germ-free lifestyle.

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Want to know more? Read on.

Hand dryers are one of the must haves for a washroom, especially during a pandemic outbreak where hygiene plays a major role. These are economical and eco friendly as there is very less or no usage of toilet paper.

A classic hand dryer is made of stainless steel and it has a matte finish that makes it a rich and classy gadget. The hand dryer is quite powerful and hence is suitable for high traffic areas/washrooms. Being a rapid dryer, it is fast as it dries hands from both sides by putting air pressure.

Hand dryers are usually compact and come with a wall-mounting feature i.e. it can be placed on a wall and is accessible for use. The space between the panel is good enough for drying the hands without touching and making it a safer hand drying option. Along with hygiene, the hand dryer is also cost-effective as it cuts off automatically after 30 seconds and saves electricity

The product is perfect for premium places where being hygienic and classy feel both have an equal weightage. The hand dryer is capable of drying hands within 7 seconds without creating any mess near the hand wash area.

Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: What better way to keep your hands germs free than to have a hand sanitizer dispenser mounted on your bathroom wall! Keep viruses and bacteria at bay with this dispenser which adds to the fashion quotient too!

Automatic hand sanitizers operate on an in-built touch free infrared activation. The product automatically dispenses the sanitizer on detecting the person’s hands below the nozzle. The heat from the user’s body is easily detected by the sensors and it then releases a limited, yet generous amount of sanitizer.

It has a storage capacity of 700ml sanitizer, so you don’t need to replace the inside liquid quite often. You can also fill liquid alcohol and liquid soap in this product. The product is well-designed and can be fitted anywhere easily. The smart looking and elegant design of the product makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Automatic hand sanitizer can be easily mounted on the wall. This product makes the sanitation process easier and convenient for any individual.

The product can be used in various places like schools, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, banks, offices etc. The product can easily be used for home as well as commercial purposes.

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Soap and hand wash dispensers: These sleek and stylish dispensers make your washroom look luxurious. Easy to handle and refill, these dispensers ensure cleanliness and are non messy.

A hand wash dispenser is made of stainless steel cabinet and can be manually operated with a brass push type system. This product has a loading capacity of 800 to 1000ml.

This product is equipped with a brass cylinder and stainless steel spring. A push-in valve can be easily managed with one hand that eliminates effort on the user’s part. The valve can dispense 2ml of liquid soap per push.

Hand wash dispenser is made of high-quality material that makes the push easy without tight clutching, bending or gripping of the wrist. This product can easily be mounted on the wall and the cabinet is specially made to prevent any form of corrosion or dust from settling on the product.

Hand wash dispenser is also used to dispense lotion soaps, synthetic detergents, shower gels, sanitizer, shampoo or conditioners. It can be placed on kitchen countertops, near bathroom washbasins, in the bathroom or next to the sink.

Tissue Dispenser: Yet another device for a greener tomorrow,these dispensers help in avoiding wastage of toilet paper. Don’t forget to add them as one of your washroom accessories as they look posh and stunning!

The need for tissue papers in washrooms is determined by the usage. In public places, it is important to maintain hygiene and reduce the spread of diseases out of different viruses/bacterias. This is a toilet tissue dispenser that stores tissue papers safely and reduces the flow of harmful germs and microorganisms.

Automatic taps or Sensor taps: One can’t resist having these during this contactless era! Saving water is the need of the hour. These taps work on infrared detection and turn on when your hands are in proximity to them.These automatic taps are incredibly safe to use since they operate through sensors. You can just place your hands under these automatic taps and it dispenses water automatically.

These automatic taps are great for the conservation of water. They allow water to flow only when they sense a movement under the tap. These automatic taps help save thousands of gallons of water every year.

Urinal flushers are automatic and hence make life easy. These too work on the principle of infrared detection.

The urinal flusher is a one of a kind device that is very convenient to use. The device operates through sensors and automatically flushes away the waste. The automatic toilet flusher helps in maintaining maximum levels of hygiene and helps in curbing the spread of illnesses through bathroom spaces.

Sanitary pads dispenser: Menstrual hygiene is very important in a woman’s life.To maintain this, ‘Novatech’ has come up with a unique machine- Sanitary pads dispenser. Used pads can be disposed of easily and fresh pads could be retrieved from this machine!

Menstrual hygiene is one of the basic hygiene needs and plays a vital role in preserving women’s health. Sanitary hygiene disposal machine provides women with immediate access to sanitary napkins anytime during menstrual emergencies. Sanitary napkin disposal machine or napkin disposal machine is usually installed at railway stations, theaters, airports, universities and offices for improving safe sanitation measures.

Automatic perfume dispenser: With this being a part of your bathroom,you will have a pleasant feeling as soon as you enter!

The perfume dispenser is an excellent addition to your home. This wall mounted air freshener dispenser will give your home a new and fresh feel. The wall mounted air freshener can be adjusted at different time intervals. Depending on your need, you can adjust the device to release the perfume at every 5, 15, or 30 minutes.

The wall mounted air freshener is battery controlled. Sensor control for daytime, night time, and 24 hrs operation is available. The dispenser avoids the wastage of perfume by only spraying adequate levels of perfume in one spray.

It is most beneficial for the prevention of foul smells in bathrooms created by waste. The wall mounted air freshener is very cost-effective as the dispenser can be refilled with perfume without you having to buy a new perfume set.

Concave mirrors: A bathroom sans a mirror is incomplete.These sophisticated concave mirrors never fail to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom.

You deserve to have some necessary accessories in your bathroom space in order to go about your day without any complications. Good shaving mirrors are one of these essential accessories. If you own a wall mirror design, then you don’t have to worry about your facial appearance. You can carry out your facial activities with ease by seeing a very detailed and magnified version of your face.

Washroom fittings: A twin coat hook that helps you hang your towels and other clothes, a toilet paper holder and steel grab bars!! What else do you need to give your washroom a complete look! 

The exclusive range of washroom fittings are crafted from the best materials available in the market. They are great for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your personal space. Our washroom fittings will provide you with comfort, convenience and leisure

These grab bars are designed thoughtfully to enable physically handicapped persons to use the washroom without any qualms!!