How Much Does It Cost To Install A Commercial Ice Maker?

We all know how important having ice makers becomes during the summers. The last thing that you would want to experience in this scorching heat is a hot drink. Ice makers can prove to be extremely beneficial for you if you run a business.

This way, you would not have to freeze countless small ice cube trays in the fridge and wait hours for them to form ice. You can just invest in an ice maker.

It would offer you ice cubes in a larger quantity, reduced period of time, and also in different styles. What else would one want from an ice maker if all these needs are being satisfied?

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Installing Ice Makers

How much it would cost to install a commercial ice maker depends on several variables. A few of these variables have been listed down below.


If you live in a well-developed country or posh city, it will take a lot more to install an ice maker. If you live in the northern region of any place, it is difficult to reach those places.

The cost of installing ice makers would be high as well. If your café is in a place where all the expensive restaurants lie, then again, the cost of installing a new ice maker would be high.

Nature of Job:

If you have a small business, the size of your ice maker would be small as well. This would reduce your cost.

However, if it is a well-established business, then you can spread the cost over a greater number of units which means that your overall cost would be low again.

Payment Method:

Rather than purchasing ice makers, at times, people prefer leasing ice machines. This reduces the overall cost for them. This works best if your business experiences seasonal variations in its total profit.


You have to conduct proper market research because there is always going to be a chance for you to find a vendor that would offer you an ice maker at a price lower than what the other vendor has stated.

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Cost of Installing

If we take an average of the total cost of installing a commercial ice maker, it will lie somewhere between $70 to $90. In most cases, it is either $82 or $85.

This tends to vary in the margins stated previously. All the factors that have been listed above would then decide if the vendor would charge you a higher price or a lower price.

We often disregard the additional cost of installing an ice maker, especially if it is for commercial purposes. Several other costs, such as labor or electricity, are directly associated with it.

The main cost lies here. The labor would charge $300 and above for installing an ice maker for you. This would also directly impact your electricity or utility bill because these machines need a lot of energy to work properly.


This article taps all the nitty gritty of installing ice makers for commercial purposes. If there is anything that you would like to share with us about your experience with commercial ice makers, let us know in the comment section given below. We always appreciate input from our audience.