Hair growth- all you got to know!

What is hair?

Hair is a protein filament that not just adds beauty but is also responsible for a whole lot of functions. Why is hair present on the body?

There are two main reasons for it. Firstly, hair helps to keep our head warm and secondly, it helps to cushion your skull a bit. Imagine, you bump your head while playing, with your hair, the damage that is done is less.

As mentioned earlier, hair grows on different parts of the body and its responsibilities differ from one place to the other.

As you age, hair tends to fall off the head. In today’s world hair fall might happen a bit earlier because of various factors like stress, unhealthy diet, etc. Hair fall can happen to both males and females.

The best hair loss treatment for females and males can be done in specialized hospitals. There are many ways and different methods depending on the clinics, to fix these hair problems.

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How does our hair grow?

Under one’s skin, there are a lot of small follicles and at the bottom of each follicle, there is the hair bulb that contains active hair growing cells made of protein. Blood vessels in the skin give nutrients to the cell to help them grow.

As the hair begins to grow, it pushes up from the root out of the follicle and eventually breaks through the surface of the skin. The visible portion of the hair is called the shaft.

The hair contains dead cells and that is the only reason why it doesn’t hurt when we get a haircut. You lose nearly 50–100 strands of hair every day. While washing them, combing, or even when you do nothing.

But, new hair regularly replaces those that have fallen out. In its journey, each hair grows around 2–6 years and rests for a few months before it finally falls off and this is eventually replaced by a new hair growing from the same hair follicle. There are four cycles in the growth of hair.

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen
  • Exogen

The Anagen stage

It is the stage in which hair actually grows out from the follicles.  0.5 inches of length is the average growth per month during this phase.

The amount of time a hair will remain in the Anagen phase will differ from person to person, although scientists estimate between four to six years for your scalp, and body hair will have a shorter phase for Anagen. Once the Anagen phase ends, begins the Catagen phase.


The Catagen phase

This refers to the period of time where the hair detaches from the blood vessels and dermal papilla and the hair stops growing because the blood flow is removed, depriving the follicles of much-needed oxygen and nutrients to grow the hair. This lasts approximately two weeks and acts as a catalyst for the next phase which is the Telogen phase.

The Telogen phase

The Telogen phase is the phase where the hair follicles rest for approximately three months before getting into the Exogen phase.

The Exogen phase

This is just an extension phase of the Telogen phase. Here, the excess Telogen hair will be shed and new hair starts to grow simultaneously in the new Anagen phase.

The natural ways of taking proper care of hair are,

Hair woes are common and normal too, but with certain changes, one can see a drastic improvement in the hair. It is important to have a good hair care routine as this ensures healthy hair growth.

Haircare aids the best hair loss treatment for females as well as males and helps in bringing the best results for such treatments. Wash your hair regularly. This ensures that your scalp is free of excess oil and dirt.

Make sure your shampoos are chemical-free. It is important to condition your hair as it helps in maintaining the look of your hair. Do not blow-dry your hair, instead, try drying them naturally as the heat from the blow dryer can badly affect your hair.

Proper oiling of your hair can improve blood circulation in your scalp and will promote more hair growth as well as strengthens them.

Check if your comb is wide-toothed. If not, go for a wide-toothed comb as it reduces breakage

Drink more water. Hydration is the key to healthy and lustrous hair.

Never fail to trim your hair every 6 – 8 weeks and this helps to get rid of the damaged ends.