Give A Swing to Your Living Room with These Modern Coffee Tables

A coffee table is the focal point of the living room, it centers the rest of the home furniture around it. It is also a witness to the endless gossip you have with your friends over several cups of coffee, to crazy fun board game nights with your kids. Since it a staple piece of furniture, it has also evolved from being just a table to throw up your legs on it while you watch T.V to a sophisticated piece of furniture with classy designs. Curating especially for you here are some modern coffee table models that you can pick from to enhance the beauty of your living room.

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  1. Geometrical Shaped Coffee Table: You should know that a geometrically shaped coffee table is enough to grab the attention of all your visitors. Quirky shapes like that of a gemstone are the most sort after. These can be made out of wood or may have a marble tabletop for that luxurious finish. 
  2. Coffee Table with Sliding Storage: Want more storage in your living room? Then add this model of coffee table to your collection. Here the coffee table slides open and reveals different compartments of storage. You can easily stack magazines, books, newspapers, and dry-packed snacks to hide them from your children!
  3. Lift-Up Coffee Table: This innovative model of the coffee table helps you create a comfortable workspace right in your living room. A part of the table is supported with a metal frame and it can be lifted from the rest of the table to place your laptop just like a computer table, allowing you to save the computer table price that you would pay separately. A perfect choice when you want multi-tasking at its best. 
  4. Ottoman Coffee Table: Ottomans are famously being used as coffee tables across different households. These particularly come in handy when there are space constraints in your living room. Not to forget the extra storage this model also provides.  
  5. Coffee Tables with Extra Seating: This model of coffee table tucks in securely seating wedges so that you never run out of seating options when you have guests at home. You can choose between a 2-seater or 4-seater model depending on the space and your budget. 
  6. The Evergreen Wooden Top Coffee Table: Wooden top coffee tables can never go out of style. It imparts a warm, timeless feeling to your entire décor. You get a specially carved wooden coffee table that is enough to render an antique look to your living space. 
  7. Simple Glass Coffee Table: Simple at heart, modern on the outside, glass coffee tables top the list of being the most favorite among people. It blends with mid-century to ultra-modern interior décor seamlessly. For an uber-chic look ditch the regular rectangular shape table, and opt for an oval-shaped one.

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With limitless options available these days, we are sure you will find the perfect coffee table that will add a zing to your living room with ease.