Getting the most from your online learning

Studying online at home comes with distractions, and family members might think you’re available because you’re at home. So, what is the best way to study effectively from home and ensure people know not to distract you?

Having a dedicated office space

As home is where you usually relax, or have family responsibilities, it is easy to get distracted. Family members might regard your studying at home as making you more available for help with the smallest of family or household matters. Or perhaps you will see things that need doing around the home and end up doing those instead of studying. Then, before you know it, you’ve run out of time. One way to get around this is to have a dedicated office, or study space. Let people know that when you’re studying in this space, you should only be disturbed for a good reason. As tempting as it is, don’t get up and start doing things around the house. Make sure you have what you need before you start studying and only have a break after a set amount of time.

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Finding a time that suits you and sticking to it

The good thing about home study is the flexibility of learning. However, there will be parts of the day that work better for you than other times. This could be before work when you’re less tired, or after work when you’ve had the whole day to get your brain fired up. You might need to balance childcare responsibilities and other commitments, but you will start to see a pattern of the times and days where you can study most effectively. Sticking to this as rigidly as possible will get you into the routine of learning at that time, and others around you will notice your commitment and be less likely to disturb you.

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Make a plan

Even if you can’t study at set times and on certain days, investing in a planner can help to set out boundaries. Writing down what you need to do each day can help you find a suitable time for studying. You may need to ask family and friends for help, or their understanding if you have to say no sometimes. Prioritizing your commitments and cutting back on anything less important will help you carve out important study time. Family will understand that it’s important to you. If you have to, silence your phone when you’re studying, but give people who might need you in an emergency a landline number to call. Knowing that people won’t disturb you, but can get in touch if they need to, can leave you free to focus on your online course.

It may take some work and planning but studying online can be a great way of gaining a qualification. Once you’ve found the best way that works for you, you’ll reap the benefits of flexible learning at your own pace.