Following the Court’s Decision Garnishment and Levy: A Debt Collection Stage

When a judge grants a judgment to a loan boss, the bank can take steps to collect on the judgement. One extremely common form of debt collection in UAE is to falsify a debtor’s wages and financial records. The lender will issue a writ of garnishment to the business or financial institution, requesting that it turn over any assets it has for you up to a certain amount to satisfy the judgment debt. Except if the property is absolved under state law, you will receive notification of this conduct but it will be too late to stop it. For example, while 75 percent of your after-tax salary is exempt, your boss would still be required to turn over more than 25% of your after-tax compensation, which is a substantial figure for the great majority. The writ remains in place for 90 days due to wage garnishment, after which it should be reinstated. Due to a monetary record garnishment, the financial institution would turn over any assets they have up to the amount of the debt, and charge you an expenditure for doing so (often on account of a financial balance). If any of the resources were omitted, you would have to ask the court to order the lender to return them to you. This is completed by filing a test to garnishment with the court and showing up on the court’s scheduled meeting to handle your solicitation. The leaser will either show up to contest your request or will return your money and inform the court that the problem was resolved without the need for a meeting. A lawyer can help you negotiate with the lender’s lawyers in Dubai to resolve the test issue for an apparent fee. You will not be reimbursed for the monetary organization’s expenses, regardless of whether you receive your resources back.

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Another common technique of debt collection Dubai is for the debtor to place a lien on property you own, which is usually a home but can also be other non-fluid assets such as business property and automobiles. When a lien is recorded, the lender can ask the court to allow the property to be offered for sale. There are legal systems that should be followed that include notice and opportunity to stop the activity; nevertheless, at this point in the process, you will have few options to stop the transaction. 

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