Factors To Consider When Designing Vehicle Graphics

While opinions will always differ as to what makes something a good form of advertising, the general consensus is that whatever form it takes, it has to make a great first impression, and a lasting one, too. 

When it comes to using graphic design to brand a vehicle (or an entire fleet) for advertising purposes, you should always use the services of experienced sign makers in Norfolk; failure to do so could result in a poorly designed van that is memorable, but for all the wrong reasons!

But what makes van wraps and vehicle graphics so effective as an advertising tool?

  • They build brand awareness – van wraps can help people recognize a company name more effectively than many other forms of advertising
  • They help build a presence locally – as a form of advertising, custom vehicle graphics are exceptionally memorable and every time the vehicle travels around your community, your brand will be remembered
  • They are a one-time investment – without the recurring costs of some forms of advertising, a professional van wrap can keep doing its job for as long as 5 years, saving you money in the long term
  • They can help you to reach a wider audience – wherever your vehicle goes, your brand goes!
  • They protect the vehicle from dirt and damage – professional van wrapping keeps your vehicle looking fresh and clean for longer, and protects it from damage caused by stones and other debris

What to think about when designing the graphics for your business vehicles: 

Firstly, you’ll need to create a template. This should include such parts of the vehicle as the bumper and windows, even if you’re not necessarily going to have graphics on them. You should then give a clear outline for each view: driver and passenger side, front facing, top and so on. 

Secondly, search for inspiration for your design. Think about whether you’ll just feature your company logo, or some brand imagery. Will you use photography or pixel-based art to bring your brand to life? If so, will the resolution and overall quality be good enough?

Thirdly, carefully consider the layout. It’s important to always keep in mind how your vehicle will be seen when it’s out and about; will the colours and imagery catch the eye even when the van is in motion, or will they become a blur. Too many words will be hard to read, so focus on imagery with as few words as possible. Think also about where the imagery and logo should be placed on the vehicle for maximum effect. 

Then, consider the vehicles contours. It can be problematic to design graphics based upon a flat piece of artwork, something which a van or car, obviously is not. For the best results with this particular aspect of designing vehicle graphics, you should consult with an expert company dealing with signage in Norfolk and Kings Lynn.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind your limitations. There will always be certain things you can’t display on certain parts of your vehicle, such as covering any part of the windscreen with graphics, which isn’t permitted. 

One other small but equally important consideration: make sure that due to sliding doors, your message or logo doesn’t become something undesirable! 

Vehicle graphics are an effective and affordable way of getting your brand out there, and making your company appear more professional to potential customers.