Expert’s Take on How to Choose the Best Sunscreen for Your Skin 

Summers can patch both our throats and our skin. With temperatures soaring every day, it becomes imperative to keep taking care of the skin and keep the skin. And in this pursuit of shielding the skin from harmful sun rays, the most important weapon you have happens to be face sunscreen.

A face sunscreen lotion is not just another beauty cosmetic product but a well-devised, clinically proven solution to help fight against harmful radiations emerging from the sun. It also facilitates tan removal and helps in improving skin health. But not all sunscreens are created equal, and that’s why, to choose one that works best for your skin’s needs, you need to keep certain factors in mind.

SPF First

The most important factor in choosing a sunscreen is its SPF count. An acronym for Sun Protection Factor, this parameter tells you the degree of protection that the sunscreen variant provides from the high intensity damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. The higher the SPF count, the better the shielding. If your lifestyle entails prolonged, direct sun exposure, a face sunscreen with SPF 30 should be your go-to option. If the exposure is minimal or indirect, SPF 15 can also suffice. 

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Base Matters

Base refers to the formulation of the sunscreen– if it’s a cream, lotion, spray, or gel-based. These different compositions cater to different skin types. Understanding your skin type and which formulation works best for it is critical for making the right choice. While gel-based sunscreens work fabulously for those with oily skin, cream variants are better aligned with the needs of dry skin.  

A Dash of Vitamin D Can Go a Long Way

Your skin needs the right dose of Vitamin D to stay fresh, supple, and hydrated. Besides this micronutrient is also essential for good bone health. It’s universally known that sunlight is the greatest source of Vitamin D. However, direct exposure to sun rays for too long can also lead to skin cancer and other ailments. So why not cut back on risks and double up your health benefits by investing in a Vitamin D enriched sunscreen formula. 

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Pay Attention to Protection Coverage

The best sunscreen is undoubtedly one that has all the right qualities packed in. On that count, the benefits of ‘broad spectrum’ coverage cannot be overlooked. Broad-spectrum sunscreens are effective in not just mitigating the detrimental effects of the UVA rays but also the unfavourable UVB radiations.

UVB rays are known to be the main culprit for skin cancer whereas UVA rays damage the skin and speed up the process of premature aging. That’s why a sunscreen with broad-spectrum coverage should always be your go-to choice.

Go Water-Resistant

Sweating is inevitable when you step out into the sun. To make sure sweat doesn’t wash the protective sunscreen layer off your skin, choose a water-resistant variant. It is designed to last longer than ordinary sunscreen when exposed to sweat and can also hold its own to some extent even in case of contact with water.

In addition to choosing the right sunscreen and using it religiously, remember to cover your face and other areas of exposed skin when stepping out. Cleanse before and after exposure, in addition to applying sunscreen for best and lasting results. With this, we come to the end of our sunscreen shopping guide. We do hope these tips help you the next time you go sunscreen shopping.