Expert Hair Styling Tips and Tricks That Look Stunning and Gorgeous

Did you know that the average woman spends about 6 days out of every year on her hair? This may sound like a lot, but it makes sense when you include the fact that 49% of them are daily washers and 89% use colors and dyes.

If you’re one of these women and are looking for hair styling tips, there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn how you can style your hair the right way regardless of length or texture.

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Be Confident in Your Hair Type

The first thing you need to determine is whether your hair is fine or thick. If you don’t know this, you might get a haircut that looks wrong and styling products that can kill and destroy your hair strands.

You can determine this by taking a single lock from your head and looking at it. If the strand is challenging to make out, you have fine hair since the strands are thin. Those with fine hair tend to struggle with giving their hair volume and need to specifically look into layered hair styling tips.

Thick hair will be easier to see when you hold it. The hair will feel coarser to the touch and probably have a lot of natural texture. While your hair has natural volume, frizz is likely an issue for you.

Many people struggle to accept the type of hair that they have. Don’t worry that the grass is always greener! Instead, be comfortable and confident in your hair type so that you can get to styling it in the best possible way.

Get the Right Haircut

The next step in making your hair look awesome is getting a haircut that works for you.

Regardless of length, those with finer or flatter hair need to put layers into their locks. A U-cut is a great way to do this, but make sure you ask your stylist to give you as many layers as you need. You’ll then have a lot more natural hair volume when you wake up in the morning and won’t need to use a ton of potentially damaging products.

If you have thicker hair, you don’t want to add any more volume to it. You still can have layers to eliminate the density of your lower hair, but many women choose to just cut it straight Mulan-style.

Both hair types look great with most hairstyles. If you have finer hair, layering will solve most of your problems at any length. Coarser-haired babes should avoid straight shoulder-length cuts so their faces don’t appear too square, but besides that, the world is their oyster.

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Choose Natural Highlights

Now that you have a great cut, it’s time to get into some cool hair styling tips for your gorgeous mane. The first is adding a pop of color to your natural hair.

If you’re interested in looking your natural best, consider the hair color that you’re naturally blessed with. Highlights tend to look best with certain natural undertones. Blond hair tends to look amazing with brown highlights and accents and black hair tends to look best when accented light brown.

If you’re a brunette, you’re in luck. You can add both blonde and black highlights to your hair and it will look amazing.

If you want to completely dye your hair, it’s important that you consider factors like the dyes that your current hair color will best hold. You also want to examine your skin’s natural glow to see what hues will best bring it out.

Think About Fun Colors

Speaking of all-around dyeing, you also might be interested in using fun and fresh colors in your hair. Pink, blue, green, and tons of other vibrant hues are available to you. Plus, since these hair colors are only semi-permanent, you can try something new every couple of months!

Before dyeing your hair this way, make sure that you look through your workplace handbook and make sure that it doesn’t say anything about it. If you have a traditional office job, you also might want to stick to single-hued dark colors like plum and dark blue.

However, if you work from home or are in a job that embraces colored hair, there are so many possibilities. You could dye your hair half one color and half another. You also may like to dye your hair a lighter color at the top and trail down into something lighter. For example, you can begin with pink dye by the scalp and move to deep red as you work your way down long hair.

Consider Extensions

If you’re unsure of whether you want long or short hair, consider getting extensions. To make this work, you’ll want to cut your hair into a shorter (yet still attractive) style. You can have your natural short hair when you want but you can also use extensions to make it long in other situations.

These hair extensions come in a ton of different colors so you can pick the one that best matches your natural hair. If you’re keen on styling, you can also get extensions in other hues to add some color to your hair. You can make the extension selection process easier by looking at images on Pinterest and seeing what’s worked for others with similar hair.

Beyond the Top Hair Styling Tips

While there are tons of awesome ways that you can look great for both social and professional events, taking care of your hair is a must. Make sure that you use products that work well with your hair’s texture, add volume, and stay confident.

Now that you have some of the top expert hair styling tips to keep you looking great, it’s time to learn more. Check out the ‘health’ tab on our home page to learn more about keeping your hair healthy and shining.


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