Everything You Need To Know About Eco-Friendly Food Packaging!

It is vital that we all work towards a cleaner planet and make more sustainable choices. Nowadays, eco-friendly packaging alternatives are becoming more popular in the food sector, so we can contribute to a more responsible way of living. Environmentally friendly food packaging can come in many different shapes and sizes from food platter boxes to bio-degradable coffee cups and sandwich bags. If you’re looking to find out more about eco-friendly food packaging, read on! 

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What is eco-friendly food packaging? 

Eco-friendly food packaging is becoming increasingly popular with takeaway food companies, street food vendors, and high street supermarkets. More companies are starting to use eco-friendly materials in their packaging to reduce the impact they’re having on our planet. This packaging helps reduce the need for single-use plastic. It can be made from bio-degradable materials, non-toxic or recyclable properties, that are manufactured with the lowest impact to the environment possible. Re-usable packaging is also becoming popular, a good example of this are the bags for the life you’ll be used to seeing in your local supermarkets. 

What can it be used for? 

Eco-friendly packaging is available for a variety of products and suitable for a range of companies. Paper bags are being used more frequently in supermarkets rather than plastic carriers we would have seen many years ago. Glass bottles for drinks and even yogurts are becoming more popular. This is because glass can be recycled and is reusable unless broken. It can be used for takeaway food that you’re eating on the go. Takeaway food packaging is more likely to become litter, so ensuring that the packaging is bio-degradable can help discarded products not to have such a negative impact on our planet. 

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What kind of products are available? 

There are products to suit all needs and all food establishments. Here are a few businesses that could benefit from sustainable packaging solutions. 

  • Cafes – Compostable takeaway coffee cups would be perfect for cafes offering drinks on the go, as well as there being eco-friendly cake boxes and muffin wraps available. 
  • Sandwich shops – There are bakery and sandwich bags available for food suppliers that are convenient, easy to use, and bio-degradable. 
  • Takeaway restaurants – There is such a variety of products that would work well for any pizza or burger takeaway restaurant, such as biodegradable clamshell boxes, napkins, cutlery, as well as sauce and dip pots. 

How does it help the planet? 

Eco-friendly packaging solutions mean that you can do your bit for the planet. With sustainability being at the forefront of all our minds, it is important that businesses do their bit to help. Plastic products are having a negative impact on the planet and the way that packaging is disposed of is partially to blame for this. Plastic does not degrade and ends up in landfill sights and in some cases, the ocean. Switching to biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging means that if a food carton is discarded, it will eventually degrade back into the earth. Choosing a more sustainable way to package your food will show that you care about the planet and will attract customers that hold the same values.