Essential Items for a Survival Pack

Poor planning and being unprepared can cost you a lot in an emergency. However, you can avoid this by knowing what to pack in your survival gear. The following are some of the essential items for a survival pack.

  • Water

All survival kits must have clean water for cooking, drinking, and basic hygiene. You can buy bottled water or food-grade containers to store water. Additionally, have water filtration devices and water purification tablets to purify your water when you cannot find clean drinking water.

  • Food

Pack non-perishable food items in your survival kit, including baby food and formula if needed. Ensure the diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and carbs, to provide a balanced diet. Also, check the expiration dates on the food annually to remove expired food and restock. 

The foods in your pack should include canned soups, meats, dried fruits, legumes, crackers, protein bars, and granola. You can also include freezer meals since they have a long shelf life.

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  • First Aid Kit

Another essential item to have in your survival pack is a first aid kit. The kit must have hydrogen peroxide or any other disinfectant, antibiotics, painkillers, and long-term prescription medications to cater to those on these drugs.

The kit should also include bandages, cotton swabs, an adhesive tape roll, sting relief pads, gauze, and cold packs. It should also contain CPR masks, burn gel, thermometer, tweezers, scissors, and a box of clean gloves.

  • Communication Device

The survival pack should also have a communication device that is solar-powered, battery-powered, or hand-crank radio.  It should also include a phone and a charger whistle or flares to signal for help.

  • Lighting

Pack some flashlights and batteries into the survival kit. Add also some lighting sticks and lanterns to provide lighting at night. Also, include some matchsticks or a survival lighter to light a fire when the matchsticks run out. 

  • Warmth and Shelter

Pack a sleeping bag and a thermal blanket for each person. Also, pack a large tent for shelter and a vinyl tarp for ground cover. 

Also, pack warm clothes, including socks, pants, jackets, and gloves. You should also pack a raincoat for each person for rainy days.

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  •  Sanitation and Hygiene

For sanitation, pack a garbage bag, toilet paper, and, if possible, a pail to use as a toilet. For hygiene, pack toothbrushes and toothpaste, bar soap, sanitary towels, wipes, sanitizer, sunscreen, lotion, and other hygiene items

  • Additional Items

Include a tool kit with essential items like duct tape, a multi-purpose tool with blades, a bottle opener, screwdrivers, metal files, serrated knives, and Allen wrenches. Also, pack a copy of important family documents like passports, birth certificates, driver’s licenses, social security cards, etc. 


This list of essential items for a survival pack is a great starting point to help you prepare for an emergency. It’s also a great checklist for anyone who loves to camp, hike, or spend a lot of time outdoors.