Eight Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Raising healthy kids is easier than you may think. Most of the challenge comes down to simple basics like the eight tips we’ll discuss in this post. Use this information, along with guidance from your healthcare professional, to set your children on the road to lifelong well-being.

When It Comes to Beverages, Skip the Sugar and Go Natural

The first step to keeping your kids healthy is to teach them the benefits of good, old-fashioned H2O.

This doesn’t mean that hydration has to be boring. There are plenty of ways to liven up the taste of plain water, from adding a slice of lemon to swirling in a dash of artificial sweetener. 

Remember that the best way to teach is by example, so forgo unhealthy sodas and alcohol when you’re around your kids. They’ll soon learn what nutritionists have always known: that water is the best beverage on earth.

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Serve Fresh Fruits and Vegetables at Every Meal

Fruits and vegetables are full of good things like vitamins and fiber. But it only takes a little cooking to ruin a lot of the goodness. So serve these foods raw or lightly steamed instead. 

Remember that fruit juices are a poor substitute for fruit itself. Often they’re altered by the manufacturer to include sugar and other unhealthy additives. The same goes for vegetables like tomatoes, celery, and carrots. By encouraging your kids to enjoy some crunchy veggies, you not only help them to get the nutrition they need but you also foster good dental health.

Make Exercise a Family Affair

Togetherness is one thing that every family needs plenty of. But sitting around the living room watching television is no way to bond with your children. So go for a walk with them instead. 

There’s no need to turn this into an endurance exercise. Just slow your pace and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors together. An early evening stroll is a smart way to encourage exercise while avoiding the heat of a summer day.

You may also want to consider taking your kids to the gym with you. This is a great time for the little ones to learn basic fitness routines like stretching, walking in place, and engaging in a little healthy horseplay.

Keep Bedtimes as Consistent as Possible

Like all mammals, humans have a natural circadian rhythm. That’s why we feel most energized during the day and start to relax as soon as the sun goes down. But our body clocks are sensitive, it only takes a little disruption to send them out of kilter. So set a regular bedtime for your children and encourage them to stick with it.

This may not always be practical, of course. Study commitments and social events eventually nibble away at the old routine, especially as adolescents turn into teenagers. But, by teaching good sleep habits early in life, you increase their chances of getting adequate rest as they turn into adults.

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Encourage Their Interest in Sports and Similar Activities

Encourage your young ones to pick a sport or other physical activity and stick with it, whether it be baseball, soccer, regular exercise, or even dancing. The idea is to keep them moving, rather than trapping them in sedentary activities like watching TV or fiddling with their phones.

Supplement Their Diet with Quality Vitamins

Keeping your kid’s meals balanced and healthy is a constant fight in our consumerist society. One way to tilt the odds in their favor is by supplementing their diet with high-quality kids vitamins. That way they’ll have a reliable source of nutrition to help their bodies grow into adulthood.

Stimulate Their Minds with Learning Oriented Games 

A nimble mind is just as important for good development as an active body. So encourage your kids to take up mentally stimulating activities such as chess, checkers, or educational video games. Have plenty of books in the home, and let your children catch you reading them.

Nothing beats the classic activity of stargazing for fostering family togetherness and scientific curiosity. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive telescope. Just break out a pair of binoculars and pass it around on a starry night. Who knows? Your child may be the first person to set foot on Mars!

Have a Plan for When the Unexpected Comes Your Way

Fires, severe storms, and other disasters can strike when least expected. It’s a good idea for the family to practice emergency drills with these contingencies in mind. Having a fire evacuation plan is especially important, since every year thousands of Americans lose their lives to household flames. Make sure your kids know how to exit the home swiftly, and where they should meet once they’re outside.

Summing It All up

Raising healthy kids is always a challenge. But the rewards you’ll gain will far outweigh the effort. Let the tips in this post be your guide as you guide your children toward healthy, active adulthood. Later in life they’ll thank you for all that you’ve done on their behalf.