Effective Methods to Recover Word Documents

Have you lost your Word file because of a sudden program crash? Or did you accidentally close the Word document without saving the document that you had been working on? But the good news is there are ways to recover your deleted Word document. If you don’t know how, let’s say that you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we will disclose the best data recovery methods. Let’s get started, so without further ado.

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Common Causes of Word Document Loss

Before you move on to recover deleted word document, let’s have a look at some of the common causes of Word document loss. 

  • Power Failure

It is one of the most common causes of the loss of Word documents. Many people lose their work due to a power failure when they didn’t save their work. Often, the feature of auto-recovery doesn’t work.

  • Forced Update

You might already be aware of the annoying Windows update. At times, the system forcibly updates itself even without asking you. It can happen when you are in the middle of your work. 

  • MS Word Stopped Working

Another common reason is MS Word not working. Some devices just fail to load the program. Even a powerful computer might sometimes encounter this issue.

Now that you know the common causes, move on to how to avoid Word document loss and recover unsaved Word document.

How to Avoid Word Document Loss? 

Here are some of the ways you can avoid document loss. 

  • Backup the Files Regularly

Saving the files in some other location than the OS is not enough. Make sure you take backups of the files. This process increases the chances of retrieving the files. 

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  • Be Careful of Email Attachments

If you are sure that the email doesn’t contain a virus, it can cause you to lose data. Be sure to think twice before you save any email. 

  • Avoid Storing the Documents on the OS Drive

Even though most processors save the files in the My Documents folder, this can be the worst choice. Your OS can be affected by the software or virus. Thus, it is better not to store the documents on the OS drive. 

  • Be Careful of User Error

Often users lose data when they are editing a document and delete it accidentally in portions. After you save the document, the parts get deleted or changed. You have to be careful about these user errors. 

How to Recover Word Document with Recoverit?

There are various ways to recover Word document not saved or corrupted. Check them out below.

To recover an MS Office Word document, you can use Recoverit. It is a helpful tool that comes with an intuitive interface. With the help of the tool, you can complete the Word file recovery in just a few minutes. With this, you can repair corrupt files or recover the files you have lost. For the data recovery, these are the steps you have to follow,

  1. To recover the Word document on your computer, you have to choose the location where you have lost data. Perform a Scan to start scanning the selected location.

  1. Recoverit will begin scanning automatically. The whole scanning process only takes a few to complete. But if there are large files, it might take a few hours. Make sure that you pinpoint the Word document that you want to recover during the scanning process. Once you have found the file or Word document you want to recover, you can stop the scanning process.

  1. You can preview the files that you want to recover before you proceed to the recovery step with Recoverit. If you are a premium user, there is no limitation on the files you can preview. But if you are using the free version, you can only preview ten files. To preview, you have to click on the Preview button. When you are done reviewing the files and confirm that they are the Word files you want to recover, you can get them back using Recoverit. In no time, you can restore the file with the tool.


  • The tool is easy to use.
  • It lets you preview the files before you recover them.
  • The data recovery software has a free version.
  • You can use this for all types of data recovery processes.


  • The free version only allows you to preview ten files.


Wondershare Recoverit is one of the most effective ways to recover your Word document. But that doesn’t mean you should not take measures to avoid data loss. Make sure that you follow the tips given above to avoid the loss of Word documents. However, if you lose the document even after taking all measures, use Recoverit. The tool can help in recovering the file in no time.