‘Jeff Fisher’ says that “discipline is doing what you really don’t want to do so you can do what you really want to do” 

Isn’t that amazing to know that we can actually achieve everything we want through this one simple thing- discipline 

So, what exactly is this discipline? let’s crack it. 

‘Discipline is action or inaction that is regulated to be in accordance (or to achieve accord) with a particular system of governance. Discipline is commonly applied to regulating human and animal behavior to the society or environment it belongs. In the academic and professional worlds, a discipline is a specific branch of knowledge, learning, or practice. Discipline can be a set of expectations that are required by any governing entity including the self, groups, classes, fields, industries, or societies.’ 

-says Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discipline). We now have an idea that discipline revolves around our actions and the right choices that leads us to our desired destination. Discipline becomes a habit and habits are built in the early years of one’s life. Hence, discipline at school and home is really essential as a child spends most time of his day at these places. 

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Let’s know more about the importance of discipline in a class: 

  • Controls learning atmosphere: It becomes easier for students to learn in an atmosphere that gives them a better mindset. As our educational system has shifted online, the online classes app helps the teachers to ensure class- discipline better. The teachers can choose the number of students in a class, can stop students to disturb the whole class by muting them. These mobile teacher apps have made it very convenient for the teachers to maintain class and provide better learning to the students. 
  • Maintains equality amongst students: School uniforms are the biggest example of discipline. It might seem hard to some students who feel like wearing fashionable clothes to school, but the idea of

school uniforms is to make everyone feel equal no matter what their background may be. Discipline ensures the elimination of discrimination and helps equality prevail within the premises. 

  • Enhances focus: Discipline helps the students in avoiding distractions that might pull them back from their path of success. But discipline helps students pay more attention to what their responsibilities are. In short, discipline helps students stay more focused and continue active learning. 
  • Happy results: Little steps each day result in permanent good habits in long run. Discipline helps the students stay more focused and attentive towards their studies and which finally leads to better retention of what they have learned. Discipline indirectly helps the students score better. And it is observed that disciplined students tend to have better grades in comparison to indisciplined students. 
  • Chain of good influence: When the indisciplined students observe the well-disciplined students scoring good grades, they feel encouraged and motivated. They look towards improvement and try to be better. For example- if student ‘A’ keeps raising questions in the class on the online classes app, it would make student ‘B’ less hesitant to raise his question and clarify his doubt too. The disciplined students indirectly encourage others to be better at whatever they do. 

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‘Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment’ – Jim Robin If discipline can lead you to your dreams, then all the hard work and consistency seems worth it. Do not let indiscipline build a huge gap between you and your dreams, instead take the pain of discipline and fulfill your dreams. 

All the best!