Cashless Reduction Service Charges in SBI For the Licenced Vehicle in Toll Booth

The FASTag has been needed for all vehicular traffic mostly on country’s transportation. FASTag is an electromagnetic identification that is based on device that requires tolls to be instantly withdrawn from an account balance whenever a car goes through a toll booth on the highway. Simply placed, FASTag allows for both the instant and cashless reduction of service charges although a licenced vehicle goes via the toll plaza, eliminating the need to stop for just a financial transaction. Most banking sectors already have prepaid cards that can be used with FASTag.

SBI holding FASTag:

And as per the issuer’s online banking portal, SBI FASTag payment can be made by uploading copy of relevant KYC documentation as well as the vehicle registration number to the portal. There are different sorts of FASTag transactions accounts, those with minimal KYC authentication and those with complete KYC verification us SBI Net Banking

Throughout the restricted KYC alternative, an FASTag purchaser account can only carry the valuation of the amount of 10,000 rupees. Likewise, the bank notes that only a monthly recharge of maximum 10,000 is allowed. For a completely KYC-compliant profile, the amount deposited throughout the FASTag profile is limited to a lakh. This alternative also has no minimum recharge threshold, according to the terms in FinancesJungle.

Radio Wave Identifier:

As well, as per SBI, therefore there is nothing like regular monthly time to recharge limitation for this alternative.  FASTag is also a system that uses Radio Wave Identifier like RFID technology to charge for tolls immediately from a connected prepaid account or from the savings account maintained at the bank.

It is attached to the client’s vehicle near sunroof which allows them to pass across toll booths but without having to wait for financial transactions.Label servicers sell the tag, because if it’s connected to prepaid bank account, then they will need to keep on recharge or otherwise top up their tag when required.

It is a rectangle-shaped, many layered labels or the tag made of high-quality material that contains a sensor and the antennas within its materials. It is copied mostly on the appropriate vehicle near the windscreen, well as the details is interpreted from those in chip at just the toll booth using the radio wave recognition system. 

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Minimise congestion:

Tag helps the user to pass via the toll booth with more than just ease and comfort while still improving efficiency, fuel. The FASTag is now in service at toll booths throughout the highways. Underneath the scheme like National Toll Payment scheme, the program is configurable, as well as FASTag could be used in every toll booth. Throughout the long term, several toll booths will be added to the Electronic toll programme.

The Ministries of Highways transportation has made FASTags compulsory for any and every vehicle on the roads. This was done in order to minimise congestion across toll booths around the nation and to transition to a digital payment for the toll payment scheme. Travelers may use FASTag to register for tolls before needing to avoid for stopping and paying the money by standing. The government also approved 22 banking to include FASTags around the world, making it extremely easier for average citizen to request for one.  Each of them would be perhaps SBI, that has also been charged with selling and maintaining clients’ FASTag accounts. Continue reading to learn more about the issuing FASTag as well as its functions.


FASTag could be collected at specified toll booths or surrounding location’s POS counters. The user can also apply for that and receive the FASTag by going to every SBI branch near them. The users must have appropriate documents with them, including their KYC documents and vehicle papers. They must also drive their car to the center that are issuing to receive a FASTag. The agent will assist them in installing their FASTag on the vehicle. They could reactivate the FASTag balance by going to the associated center POS and pay funds.

Since the SBI FASTagrechargeis connected to the user’s savings account of the location of the user’s bank, appropriate bank needs KYC documentation when simply applying for something like the FASTag. The user must also apply the car certified copy of the registration of the vehicle and also the official document in addition to that same KYC papers.

FASTags are RFID activated the stickers which are applied to just the glass windows of vehicles to allow for electronic toll withdrawal in ticket offices without any of driver needing to stop.

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  • These are largely intended to reduce traffic at ticket machines while also allowing for more electronic wallets across the world.
  • Such tags have been prepaid or connect to online banking as well as other transaction systems. They should be recharged until the balance is depleted or the user meets the minimum balance to be held throughout the tag.
  • The tag is identified by the detector as a car goes through a toll plaza, as well as the number is immediately withdrawn from that same tag.
  • The Road Development Authority is working to bring all powers in board such that FASTags could be used on every center and regional highways throughout the country.

FASTags have many advantages for both consumers and the state. It is faster and more comfortable to perform digital transactions so there is no need to bring currency. Overcrowding at toll booths is reduced. Allows for continuous travel on roads, resulting in minimum fuel efficiency. FASTags can be recharged through the internet. Due to the extreme extra cost scheme, there is less time involved in operating the toll roads. Reduced use of the paper has unique benefits. Daily users can purchase parking permits for a single toll plaza.

Final Verdict:

The automobile is then able to drive via the fence.The consumer would then be informed of the reduction via his connected mobile number. These will greatly minimize wait times at highways toll booths, that are notoriously congested. It also eliminates any need for riders to keep cash with them. The FASTag is good for five years and therefore can be activated if desired after purchase. Actually, money is not allowed at FASTag roads on highways, but any car approaching them will be paid double the cost rate. Clients who live near toll booths may be eligible for a discount mostly on toll number, that can be charged with the FASTag.