Brilliant Ways to Arrange the Living Room Furniture Pieces to Best Suit your Style

Do you feel that your living room looks uninteresting? Probably it’s been a long time since you paid attention to jazzing up your living room. Decorating a space does not mean that you invest in buying new accessories, furniture pieces and décor items each time you want them to look appealing. The appearance matters as it catches each one’s attention. Styling the living room is something that we all love to do from time to time. One of the best ways to make our living area look new is to rearrange the furniture pieces in different ways that suit the space and your personality.

Ideas to Design Your Living Area

The living room is that area that is used by all the members of the family to have fun moments, gaming activities, entertainment etc. Therefore, it deserves to look its best and you can decorate it by using the following ideas – 

Furniture Pieces in the living room – The first thing that catches our attention the moment we enter the living room is the largest piece of furniture present in the room. It could be either a three-seater sofa or an armchair. Therefore, you can orient the largest piece of furniture towards the most prominent feature present in the room such as a television, gallery wall, fireplace or window. Then, you can position the smaller seating options like chairs opposite or adjacent to the large piece. After that, you can fill in the gaps with ottomans, coffee tables, lamps etc. 

Layout for Small Living room – If your living room is comparatively small, it does not mean that you cannot beautify it. All it takes is just a little bit of smartness in the positioning of the furniture pieces.  It is a common notion to place furniture pieces against the walls. However, that will create an awkward space in the centre and highlight the cramped dimensions of the room. Instead, you can pull the 2-seater sofa and chairs towards the centre which will give an open feel to the entire space.

Flexible Furniture Arrangements – The more flexible you can be with the décor of the house, the more creative the house will look. You can pick up a theme each time you want to change the setting of the house. Plan it in such a way that it matches the occasion. Fill the empty spaces with easy chairs that can be moved as and when required. Position the stools and ottomans that can be functional while serving the guests.

Use a large area rug – A rug adds warmth to the space making it welcoming and cosy. A large area rug helps in unifying the seating group within the living area. While placing the rug, make sure that all the significant furniture pieces fit perfectly on top of the rug. This will display a chic and clean look. If all the pieces cannot be contained on the rug, then position the furniture pieces in such a way that the front legs are on top of the rug.

Open living room – In modern homes, most people prefer open-concept living rooms. If your living space is open then you can use various furniture pieces to create separate spaces for different activity zones. You can place a table and chairs on one side of the area and use the extra space for some gaming activities. You can arrange the sofa and coffee table on the other part of the room creating a space to form a conversation cluster.

Whether you have a larger room or a small one, you can jazz up the space by making use of each space wisely and creatively. Let your living area reflect your style and look appealing.