Bitrix24 Review: Is it the Right Project Management Software to Boost Your Business Performance?

In this Bitrix24 review, we’ll talk about which Bitrix24 features perform well for collaborative intranets, and we’ll also talk about Bitrix24 cost. Read here more about it.

When it comes to project management software, users must be astute. Many platforms now provide full-featured project management capabilities. However, a few products are not adequately linked to the management information system. You won’t be capable of transferring your email to the program process as a result of this. Independent procedures will not create a rational sense if you search for a unified system.

Bitrix24 software includes CRM features that are incorporated. In addition, the program includes a full collection of tools for managing your tasks. Most significantly, these characteristics are linked with each other to ensure that all data is saved in a single location.

Bitrix24 software is a prominent project management software utilized by several companies regardless of their size. The system includes a complete operational system both on-premises and on the web. But did you notice that Bitrix24 has everything you need for a community intranet? Bitrix24 has shown to be the leading app for supporting social intranets for many customers. In this Bitrix24 review, we’ll talk about which Bitrix24 features perform well for collaborative intranets, and we’ll also talk about Bitrix24 cost.

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Why Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 gives you more control over the customer experiences by allowing you to customize the configurations to match the needs of your business or workforce. The program has a great collaboration function, as illustrated by the Bitrix24 demo, which shows how easy it is for your staff individuals to interact with each other.

Bitrix24 provides the benefits of a lot of choices in one handy location. Several firms must settle on using various software products inability to execute effectively. However, Bitrix24 assists in putting the benefits of all software into one place. Thanks to its online connectivity, this tool is extremely easy to use and can be accessed from any location.

Bitrix24 Features:

Team Collaboration:

Team collaboration from the Bitrix24 is the most important feature of the tool. The Bitrix24 review will aid in users improving collaboration between your colleagues and your company. This system comes in helpful whenever it’s difficult to communicate data or divide responsibilities across the corporation.

You’ll be able to easily communicate through videos, message boards, and workstations, and you’ll have access to whatever you need in one place. It also has an extensive human resource management system. This capability will make interaction, reporting, processes, invoicing, and employee documentation more approachable. It allows teammates to communicate and collaborate and converse via the system.

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Time Tracking:

Another of the software’s distinguishing features include the feasibility of monitoring time with Bitrix24. Leveraging the Bitrix24 system, you would automatically estimate the task timeframe and accomplishment together with all the data. Consequently, you’ll be capable of setting an appropriate assignment deadline. This approach asserts that you establish attainable expectations that will be accomplished, and the task will be finished on schedule. Adopting time monitoring software like Bitrix24 ensures that you remain ahead of the competition throughout the project due to its reliability and efficiency.


There might come when you don’t have access to your office PC, laptop, or devices at home. It might be worrisome to approach your workplace via best project management software. The real kicker is that Bitrix24’s capabilities may also be used on platforms other than desktops because it is cross-platform. Alternatively, you can have them on your hand devices such as tablets or phones. It provides a record of your Steam activity, creates new postings, likes and remarks on them, etc.

Bitrix24’s smartphone app syncs staff contact information smoothly. It will be stored in your data store alongside your phone connections. Most notably, you may monitor activities and tasks from your mobile phone. As a result, the Bitrix24 software ensures maximum performance.


The Bitrix24 demo showcased the features that make it a comprehensive CRM system. This feature lets users conduct engagement and Salesforce integration. Your connections will be associated with all occurrences, such as phone calls, emails, and reservations.

Above everything, Bitrix24 offers advanced features such as analytics, sales objective, and dashboard administration. This package contains the invoicing component. The nicest part is that everything has been designed to work on portable devices. Consequently, the CRM suite’s Bitrix24 module is more vital than you seem to think.

Bitrix24 Reviews:

When it comes to customer feedback on the system, most Bitrix24 reviews indicate that it works smoothly. According to hundreds of verified reviews, the tool has an overall average of four stars. It shows that several users like the service and think it’s great value for money. Many bitrix24 clients have put their trust in it, distinguishing it from opponents.

Bitrix24 Pricing:

Bitrix24 offers a free trial for one month, and an affordable beginning business tool package will astonish you when it refers to cost. And we strongly advise you to try something Bitrix24 demo. It will enable you to get a hands-on encounter with the Bitrix24 software.

The Bitrix24 price packages, however, include two paid versions. A basic outline costs $49 on a monthly basis, a regular plan costs $99 each month, and then a professional plan costs $199 each month under the Cloud bundle.

But, the second alternative is On-premise, which costs $2990 for a one-time license and $24,990 for just an Enterprise license.

Final Words:

When it comes to software, your firm’s requirements will be the most important factor to consider. Small businesses, for instance, may not demand exceedingly complicated algorithms with a wide range of advanced features. On the other hand, an efficient program should incorporate all interactions and activities within your program. You can maintain a careful check on every stage this way. As a consequence, now we’ve reached the end, you must have a fair idea of how useful this program is. However, we urge that you test the demo version of Bitrix24 before acquiring it. We want to give you the finest advice we can to enhance the company.

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