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BitClout virtual summit can enhance marketing strategy

by Krutika Lohakare
BitClout virtual summit can enhance marketing strategy

BitClout virtual summit right here let’s just let it load up and over here oh I already have it oh interesting I didn’t realize that it would uh it would have noticed my so but anyway so that’s what I did I did two different events for me I did a discovery call and a summit interview.

because I’m recording the interview and I and some people might want to just have a chat before they decide to be a speaker and then under uh the availability you put in your times that you’re available right and then you create and you can see calendar view right here you can see what you’re available as of right and that allows people to book. Their lots of platforms like ask reader where you can easily ask any question to make your doubts or queries solved.

so if I go here let’s go back to juju right over here if I go back to here now you can share these events directly you can have this is you can copy link right here right for each of those two events both of the events if you have more events maybe you’re going to do a 50 minute or a 2-hour interview or maybe whatever right depending on what you’re doing you might have multiple events.

but the thing is that you can copy these links and you can send those as you know here go here click this link because if I go to this link copy link and if I go to that link right which is the link that you would share with people it’ll come up with an okay here’s a discovery call these are the dates you can book.

it and then you can choose your time zone right here they can choose their time zone if they’re in Saskatchewan or costa Rica or whatever it’s a different it shows in their times anyways that’s the calendly thing so you get them to book your interview and you end up starting to record it okay.

so what’s next after that we’ve got then the scheduled interviews um entry calendar okay so then let’s say then you well then you record well actually this is where yeah let’s do the registration.

we need the registration funnel so with this when you’re going back and forth as you’re scheduling everything you need to get so get their bio proof and profile picture oh actually bio topic and profile picture to put in the funnel right so you need to get some image some something to put in the in your summit documentation.

so people who want to attend the summit know who’s going to be speakers right so you need that as part of the whole process you need to get that and of course you’re going to want to go back and forth with them to confirm that they have the right that.

they have the right information um then what else um the registration funnel let’s do that their bio topic and profile picture and then you have then you create a registration funnel okay so now number 12 you need a place to host the summit and you and track their commissions.

if paid right so if you’re doing a paid funnel a paid summit you’re going to need a place to track their commissions if you’re doing a free one you know that it can be hosted someplace where you don’t track that but if you’re doing a paid one you’re going to want a place to track their commissions so in my case.

I’m using my platform right-click course and if I go to there am I logged in no I’m not like that okay I’m gonna just log in there’s myself over here sorry about that okay so now if I go I created two courses they’re they’re courses it’s just a hosting site with videos and stuff right.

so there’s two of them there’s the free 24-hour access one and there’s the all access paid pass so now the way it works in my case and you don’t have to do it exactly the same way but the way. In this pandemic time, QnA sites are good to get reliable sources of information regarding the common questions that overflowed the internet.

it works in my case is I’m going to have the speakers promote the free virtual summit so they’re going to just if I go to this right now it’s still not open but it’s a hidden link or whatever they’re going to share this they’re going to go here they can please share so they’re going to take this link here and they’re going to share that link.

it’ll have their name here instead of mine right so they’re going to share this in the free funnel and sorry my apologies so they’re going to share this and what will happen is that anybody.

who registers to be in to attend the free summit is going to be tied to them automatically right so they’re going to know that their bob or frank or whoever it is that promoted it they’re going to be tied to the right.

so then what happens is the person is going to be on this they’re going to get the email saying hey today we posted this one today we’re doing this whatever and they’re going to be able to watch the summit right and the summit is going to be run over 10 days in my case.

it’s going to run over 10 days and they’re going to be able to watch the interviews for 24 hours every single day right for free now in each of the free videos there we’re going to start off by talking about the VIP pass which by the way you can see there’s a link right here whoops there’s a link right here for the free VIP pass right that they’re going to be able to see it’s going to be.

pretty much everywhere because we want to we want them to know that they can get a VIP pass and the VIP pass is going to change in price over time or there’s going to be coupons and things like that but.

the thing is that anybody who’s registered through the link of the speaker or the promoter and when they buy by just clicking here because it’s not anyways they buy by clicking here the speaker whoever promoted the free pass will get the commission of the uh this.

if I click on here, for example, it takes me to the paid one which right now is showing 197 but there’s there can be coupons for different prices and that’s one of the things, uh that’s all going to be anyways.

I’m going to but that’s the thing so I need to have a place to host it and number 13, uh I need to document whoops to document how these speakers can promote the summit and get paid right.

so I need to document that so that that I need to create that’s going to document that’s going to explain the process of the two cores the two like courses right and how they need to promote.

the first one and that automatically gets the person in the in as a referral of theirs the person buys the course or buys the VIP pass then they automatically get the commission paid the commission is paid after 30 days anyways all this stuff has to be documented so you need to do that too.

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