Bathroom Remodeling Style You Should Try Today

Are you looking for trendy bathroom remodeling ideas? We’ve got you covered for your bathroom remodeling San Antonio. Keep reading to get bathroom remodeling ideas for the next time you feel the urge to renovate.

Fresh Fabric

Even while there aren’t as many options to include fabric as, say, a living room, a bathroom may still be a simple place to add pattern and texture. Your area will be elevated by beautiful bathroom window curtains. Use a shower curtain as a quick and inexpensive fabric improvement. Without any sticker shock, you can choose from a ton of spectacular possibilities.

Detailed Cabinetry

Your bathroom cupboards put in a lot of effort to conceal cosmetics and other clutter. With a little extra creative flair, you can take your vanity from plain to extraordinary. Consider stunning hardware, a striking hue, or architectural overlays. 

Stunning Shower Tile

Using tile to customize a shower has never been easier due to the practically limitless range of color, material, and pattern options. Use a basic, inexpensive tile for the most of the shower if you want a bathroom shower concept that will save you money, but go all out with an accent tile. Apply your accent tile to the back wall of the shower or to all four walls of the shower in a border.

Sculptural Faucet

If you appreciate the detailed, vintage design of a bridge-style faucet or the sleek, modern lines of a streamlined model, you can elevate even the most basic bathroom vanities and sinks with a gorgeous faucet. If you are installing the new faucet in the same location, changing out a faucet is a fairly straightforward DIY project. It is better to consult a plumber if you wish to move the sink completely or add new water lines.

Creative Bathroom Storage

You must find ways to add additional bathroom storage if you want to keep falling in love with your bathroom. Here, a built-in seat in a little alcove adds more storage without obscuring the natural light the windows provide.

Intricate Flooring

Due to its water resistance, tile is still one of the top solutions for bathroom floors. But don’t let your flooring be a barren canvas; in this bathroom, a lovely tile pattern gives interest beneath your feet. Bonus points are awarded if the floors feature a creative blending of hues, colors, and tile designs.

Contrasting Sink

Make your sink a part of your bathroom design since you’ll be using it every day. Using a bowl that contrasts the nearby countertop will help you take your sink into an uncharted area. Here, a sleek honed Carrara marble countertop contrasted with a hammered nickel sink.

Vessel Sink

The design of your bathroom will be elevated by installing your sink over the countertop. Bathroom designs benefit from the sculptural aspect that vessel sinks, which are available in a wide range of sizes, forms, and materials. In order to make a statement in a shared space, this bathroom’s design includes a single vessel sink and two sculptural faucets.


Ideas for bathroom mirrors abound. You don’t have to settle for a plain rectangle because mirrors come in a number of designs, including round, oval, and even scalloped. Consider using a mosaic of smaller mirrors or go with a single, statement-making piece that spans two sinks.

Shower Amenities

In a shower, it’s beneficial to pay attention to bathroom specifics. Showers are transformed from merely practical fixtures to full-on experiences with the addition of a built-in seat, spa-style rain showerheads, and even pebble floor tiles.

Final Thoughts

With the aforementioned tips, you will give your bathroom remodeling a significant facelift. Reach out to general contractors san Antonio today to help you plan and execute your bathroom remodel today!

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