Get Future Ready IVR with the Help of Asterisk IVR Development Services

The IVR is supposed to be a great customer self-service tool. It also reduces load on employees. However, there is a gap between promise and delivery of user experience, mainly due to poorly configured and designed IVR solutions. With Asterisk being the oldest open source VoIP platform and its IVR being quite capable, it pays to opt for Asterisk based dynamic IVR solution that is future ready. It can take the frustration out of the IVR experience and endear your company to customers.

Take the frustration out of the IVR experience

Many customers, understandably, avoid telephone conversation if their call into a helpline goes into the IVR. A typical example is that of a customer of a multi-national company with several divisions. Just to get to the right division the caller had to press one key after another. It took all of 15 minutes just to get to talk with an agent. You can avoid this type of situation by using Asterisk dynamic IVR solution.

Keep tabs on customer experiences and adjust menus on a recurring basis to cut short the time it takes from initiation of call to completion. There is no shortcut to delivering a satisfactory experience by opting for a standard IVR solution. The dynamic capability lets you configure tree-branch structure as you go along, based on customer experiences.  It is worth the cost to get a custom Asterisk IVR developed for your business.

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Why Asterisk as the IVR platform

Asterisk is a mature platform, constantly evolving and it has just the right tools to build an included IVR that effortlessly plugs into other Asterisk based VoIP solutions like SMS and IP PBX. Since Asterisk is free and open source you do not pay licensing for the software, only for usage and for development of custom IVR. This aside, Asterisk is amenable to modifications through plug-ins and API integration, which opens up possibilities of future-ready IVR solutions with intelligent, customer-friendly features you can ask the Asterisk IVR developer to integrate. Most large enterprises specify a fixed working time but your developer can add mobile number extension for 24×7 services. A call that would go to an agent during office hours is ported to the mobile number after office hours.

The Visual IVR

Smartphones are the first choice for communication so why stick to the good old tree-branch keypress routines. You can simply jump to modern times by asking for development of visual IVR. Callers can listen to voice prompts and also view the structure on the screen. They can simply jump to the option of choice instead of pressing one key after another. You can bet customers will love the time and effort saving feature.


Conversational IVR

Imagine the delight of a customer when he dials the helpline and is greeted by a human voice saying “How may help you today?” instead of the standard IVR welcome asking you to press keys. The customer’s attention is not distracted by having to call up the keyboard on the phone screen and tap the desired number. A conversation ensues with the robot chat attendant fused into the IVR system by smart IVR developers.

This is the way things will be so why not adopt it today and now?  Pick a developer conversant with AI and you can have natural language processing to respond to the caller in the language of their choice.  You can use this feature for outbound campaigns too.  Set it up with a list of numbers from your CRM and let it work to a schedule, gathering leads and data to help your business grow.

Custom Asterisk IVR for different industry segments

One type of IVR does not suit different industry segments such as:

Entertainment: Callers may wish to find information and then make bookings and payment.

Restaurant: Callers will want to know about menu options, prices and ordering through IVR.

Surveys and Polls: The IVR can be set up to generate survey campaigns and gather responses through keypresses.

Banks and financial sector: IVR to offer information and let customers know their balance or carry out transactions.

Retail: Use IVR to let customers order products

It is time to discard the mindset that the IVR is a sort of wall to fend off callers. When you engage the right Asterisk IVR solution developers you get a solution that encourages customer interaction to the point that the IVR becomes the first choice and human interaction the second.

Your IVR solution, ideally, should be one that greets callers with “Welcome Mr….. If you are calling about the TV you purchased on…. Please let us know how we can help you..” instead of just “Press 1 for..”.

IVR has great potential provided you obtain and set up the dynamic IVR properly with the help of IVR development experts. Your costs decrease, customers increase.