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All you need to know about CLAT Important Topics

by Krutika Lohakare
All you need to know about CLAT Important Topics

Every year the consortium of National Law Universities conducts the CLAT exam for students interested in joining law courses. It is a national-level entrance exam for UG and PG law programs when a person’s reading ability is tested along with analytical skills. In addition, it evaluates your knowledge in different subjects and topics. Therefore, before preparing for the exam, one needs to have a clear picture of CLAT important topics. Check how to prepare for CLAT.

CLAT Exam Pattern for UG and PG

The CLAT UG exam involves 5 sections, and each section varies in weightage. Moreover, all sections include comprehension-type questions that are followed a series of multiple-choice questions. Similarly, the PG CLAT exam mainly comprises objective and subjective sections. Also, most questions do not require any prior knowledge as these analyze your thinking capacity. However, having prior knowledge can help you to answer efficiently.

  1. Exam Pattern for CLAT UG:

The UG CLAT exam consists of

  • Logical reasoning section with 20 percent weightage.
  • Quantitative aptitude section with 10 percent weightage.
  • Legal reasoning section with 25 percent weightage.
  • Current affairs section including general knowledge with 25 percent weightage.
  • English language section with 20 percent weightage.
  1. Exam Pattern for CLAT PG:

The PG CLAT comprises of two sections that are

  • Objective section of 100 marks.
  • Subjective section of 50 marks.

Important Topics you Must Read to Crack the CLAT exam

In order to have better marks in the CLAT exam, you need to know all the crucial topics that will come in the exam. Firstly, go through the topics and analyze which section you need to focus on more, then start preparation. Attempt free CLAT online mock test series.

Topic-wise description of different subjects in UG CLAT exam

The UG CLAT exam includes comprehension questions in all the sections. Moreover, these comprehensions are picked from several articles, editorial, newspapers, etc., which one should read. After that, one can master all subjects through constant practice and effective time management. Furthermore, the important topic is the base of the CLAT UG exam theme. Therefore, go through the following to understand the topics.

  1. Most important topics of English Language:

The English language section consists of comprehension passages, and each passage has 450 words approximately. Besides, a person does not require to have prior knowledge about the subject. However, it needs to have faster reading and understanding ability to answer the related questions.  Above all, with reading ability, you should have knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

The topics to follow are:

  • Antonyms and Synonyms
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Adverb and Proverbs
  • Sentence correction
  • English comprehension
  • One-word substitution
  1. CLAT exam General Knowledge and Current Affairs topics

In GK and current affairs section, 450 words each comprehension is provided, which test knowledge and awareness of applicants. Therefore, you should access news on a daily basis to enhance your awareness.

The important topics of this section are:

  • International affairs
  • Contemporary events in the World and in India
  • Historical events of significance
  • Art and Culture
  1. Logical Reasoning section topics for CLAT exam

All sections have comprehensions with certain word limits. Similarly, here each passage consists of 300 words and has questions that test analytical and logical skills.

Topics that are important in Logical reasoning are:

  • Analogies
  • Assumptions and conclusion
  • Seating arrangement
  • Blood relationships
  • Syllogisms
  • Calendar and clocks
  • Logical sequencing and matching
  • Series
  1. Important topics of Quantitative Aptitude in CLAT exam

The aptitude section contains graphs, facts, textual or pictorial representations of numerical values. After that, it contains 4-5 questions that test your basic understanding of mathematical calculations.

The quantitative section most crucial topics are:

  • Ratio and proportions
  • Statistics
  • Basic algebra
  • Mensuration
  • Profit and loss
  • Time and work
  • Average and number systems
  1. CLAT exam Legal Reasoning Topics

Additionally, the section does not require excessive knowledge of the law. However, one should know contemporary moral and legal issues.

The topics required are:

  • Facts and outlines of legal matters
  • Moral philosophical inquiries and public policy
  • Legal terminologies and meaning
  • General awareness of legal and moral issues

Topics to cover for CLAT PG exam

CLAT PG, or in other words, is a graduate-level exam that tests your legal knowledge and awareness. Moreover, you need to focus on all the following topics.

  • Constitutional Law- Besides the official language, it consists of judicial bodies and the Indian constitution. In addition, rights and duties subject is also included.
  • Law of Torts
  • Law of Contracts
  • International Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights

In conclusion, preparation for the CLAT exam begins with understanding the topics. Once you have an idea about the necessary topics, following a good study plan becomes easy. As a result, such constant efforts help you to crack the CLAT exam with ease.

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