9 Unique Colour Combinations for Your Kids’ Room

Choosing paint shades for the different areas in your house is a hard call to make but brainstorming colour ideas for the kids’ room is another challenge altogether. Innovations like the Shade Genius, which you can use for your Berger interior paints, have made it easy to focus on the right combinations. As much as young children are enamoured by particular colours, they’re equally prone to changing their minds and choices. 

One must also take into consideration the effect colours have on developing minds, their children’s unique interests, and which combinations will help make their room the sanctuary it is supposed to be. Here are a few bold and beautiful colour combos to start you off.

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Blue and Bright Yellow

Blue is undoubtedly a happy colour and is said to help people feel inspired. Picking the right shade while painting the kids’ room is important. Choose something imaginative, which borders on an azure or cerulean blue, and add contrast with a bright, popping shade of yellow. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shades like Green Bananas or Tulip Field. You can always use a tool like an online Virtual Painter to visualise it first. With blue, you can also try out a cloud pattern, and the best Berger paint for the interiors to achieve that is Silk Illusions Non Metallic.

Yellow with a Deep Shade of Green

There’s a reason yellow shines through in the panoply of colours in Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom. It suggests warmth, cheer and hope. Yellow as a paint colour for the kids’ bedroom is a great idea. Combine it with a strong green, maybe Green Flight or Savanna, and voilà, you have a pairing that’s perfect if you have energetic pre-teens. However, if you’re on the fence about lighter colours for fear they might be more susceptible to stains, try Berger’s Easy Clean luxury emulsion, which offers great washability along with an elegant finish.

Gold with Creative Motifs

If you think metallic finishes are too loud or showy for painting kids’ rooms, try accenting with interesting patterns such as Moon Rock and Spatulato in glossy gold. Offset the luxurious finish with an understated beige or try a more dynamic combination with warm wood tones or even shades of green like olive. Berger’s Silk Illusions Design Metallica is perfect for achieving this look or different versions of it, and is perfect for kids and parents who love glitter.

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Cool Green and Deep Pink

A combination that thrives on the contrast between two spirited colours, this is ideal for young children who like vivid hues. Choose a deep tint like Heavenly Rose to go with Jasmine.

Patterned Brick Red with Green

If there’s one place where a shade of red as vivacious as this belongs, it is the kids’ room. With a little style sense, it’s incredibly easy to introduce this misunderstood colour into your house. Choose a crush pattern and then pick a complementary colour like green. Still not sure if you want red for the tots’ den? Try Berger’s Colours & Emotions tool to learn more about the impact colours have on the state of mind.

Bold Beige and Deep Purple

If your kid loves muted tones and subtle hues, this one’s for you. Beige suggests calm and tranquillity, and a peppy shade of purple is perfect to complement it. Purple is as much associated with wisdom, creativity and independence as it is with spirituality. Based on your child’s unique personality, you can experiment across a wide spectrum. Choose from blends like Deep Aubergine, Dark Amethyst or Loving Hug. For swatches around this scheme, check out Berger’s Kid’s Room Shade Combinations – Retro Style.

Turquoise and Pale Green

This one is for lovers of warm blues and greens and is an endlessly customisable combination of paint ideas for the kids’ room. Turquoise suggests good fortune in cultures throughout the world and makes for a great accent colour. It pairs exceptionally well with muted shades of green. The subtle energies of these colours allow one to experiment with a cool shade on the ceiling as well. Do try out your combinations in this scheme using a Virtual Painter tool. For a sumptuous finish, choose Berger’s Silk Illusions Marble Finish in these colours.

Ruby Red with Matte Yellow

If you are not too hot on yellow as the statement colour, it’s a great idea to pair it in a matte finish alongside a glossy red. The inspiration for this playful pairing is Combo #1 in Berger’s curation of Retro Style combinations for kid’s rooms. This combination brings great energy to space.

Mauve and Dusty Rose

Your little one is a digital native. Choose a wifi pattern for one wall in mauve and paint the other walls a dusty rose. You can pair Marvellous Mauve with Early Tan for a fabulous ambience.

Children spend a lot of time in their bedrooms. They play here, study and share secrets with their friends. So, choosing fun and motivating colour could really lift their spirits.