8 Reasons Your Carpet Doesn’t Last Long

It sucks to see that your carpet of just a few days has started rippling or the new stains refusing to go after many washes. 

You actually might not even be aware of what went wrong, here I am to do the works for you. 

8 reasons why your carpet doesn’t last long.

 Waiting Too Long To Clean A Stain 

This may be due to a tight schedule or being in the presence of a guest when the spills occur. But you need to clean the spill immediately after they occur. By so doing, you will revert permanent damage to your carpet. One thing you should know is that never let a hot spill cool and never let a cool spill dry. To schedule your carpet maintenance with the professionals, get carpet steam cleaning Melbourne.

Never Scrub or Rub

One mistake most people make is rubbing with brushes, spills, or stains. Rubbing a carpet may force the substance deeper inside the fibers or even spread the discoloration thus making it a hell of a job afterward. 

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Using Colored Clothe For Cleaning

Why you might quickly grab red clothing to mop off a spilled drink you shouldn’t use the same for cleaning. This is so because while cleaning the dye on the clothing might get transferred to the carpet. Not helping at all, so ensure the clothing to use is always white or those you are quite sure don’t have much dye in their making. 

Not Cleaning Regularly 

As a rule, you must ensure you clean or vacuum your carpet at least once a week. This will ensure that dirt, stains, bugs, allergens, or other debris are removed promptly. 

Also while vacuuming, ensure you use the correct pieces for the carpet as there are pieces made solely for cleaning the couch or the drape. And also, ensure the vacuum bag is not full or nearly full as this may inhibit how the vacuum works.

Too Much Dampening 

Due to the makeup of a carpet, too much moisture can be detrimental to its lifespan. Causing discoloration and odor. You don’t have to soak up an area to remove its stains. 

You should ensure you always absorb the moisture in the area cleaned by pressing with a white towel or a wad of toilet paper. 

When Should A Carpet Be Laid 

It is important to know that the time of the year you laid your carpet could adversely cause wrinkles. 

The carpet becomes stiff and hard to stretch into places during winter due to cold and then in the warmer months, you will start noticing bubbles under your carpet because the carpet backing or last layers is relaxing. 

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Improper Installation

Not following the manufacturer’s guidelines on carpet installation could result in your carpet getting wrinkles. Your carpet must be properly stretched and tacked during installation, to avoid the carpet going back to its previously unstretched state. 

Manufacturer Defects 

As this might seems unfeasible but still likely to be the cause of your carpet not lasting long. 

The problem could be from glue not being mixed or applied properly. So in this case, if you know you’ve been properly maintaining your carpet, you can go back to the company warranty on the carpet.