7 tips to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture

Your cat can’t stop scratching all your furniture and your sofa? This natural reflex is very difficult to control, and shouting is useless. However, there are effective alternatives such as natural repellents or aluminum foil! Here are all our tips to prevent your pet from scratching your fabrics. 

Tip #1: Invest in a scratching post or cat tree 

Preventing your cat from scratching is a real struggle because it is a tenacious behavior: your fabric furniture has an ideal coating that attracts it to scratch! This is why you can divert his attention by offering him an object specially designed for this purpose such as a scratching post or a scratching post covered with a rough material that he can scratch or bite in complete safety. 

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Good to know 

Your cat doesn’t scratch your furniture to taunt you or disobey you: it’s a natural need. Indeed, when it scratches a piece of furniture or fabric, the cat marks its territory by depositing its pheromones there! 

Tip 2: install a square of carpet or a doormat  

If you don’t want to install a bulky object that doesn’t go well with your decoration, you can buy a square of carpet in a DIY store or a small doormat. Place them near where your feline likes to nap or on an easily accessible post: carpets or fiber rugs such as seagrass will attract your animal, which will want to deposit its scent there. 

Tip 3: Use aluminum foil  

Aluminum tickles your cat’s pads and causes unpleasant sensations. That’s why he hates stepping on it. Stick some on your sofa or armchairs for a few days.

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Tip 4: stick double-sided tape 

Just like aluminum, double-sided tape is an effective repellent: freakish about cleanliness, your feline hates having sticky paws. Choose low-adhesion tape to prevent your pet from getting stuck or scratching its claws. 

Tip 5: put pepper where it scratches 

There are several natural, non-toxic repellents to keep your cat behavior from scratching everywhere. They have an unpleasant odor for your pet, which tends to avoid them. As for humans, pepper is aggressive to cats! Mix a few teaspoons of pepper with water in a spray and spray the mixture on forbidden surfaces so that your cat avoids them. You can also use the same technique with vinegar or citrus fruits. 

Tip 6: Use lavender essential oil  

In addition to perfuming your fabrics, the lavender essential oil is a simple solution. Soak a cotton ball with a few drops of oil and pat on the furniture or cushions that your cat likes to scratch to prevent it from coming back. 

Tip 7: Use cloves as a repellent 

On the same principle as lavender, cloves are a natural repellent. You can dab a few drops of essential oil on a piece of furniture or hang oranges on which you have planted the nails: your cat will stop scratching in no time! 

Ensure your cat to protect in all circumstances 

You love your pet and take care of it, even if it regularly attacks your sofa. But have you thought about insuring your cat to better protect it? Dog cat health insurance can cover your health costs in the event of an accident or illness.

How do i prevent my cat from scratching everything at home?

Scratching is a natural need for our tomcats, but they sometimes tend to exercise it on our precious belongings… Where does their habit come from and above all, how to redirect them to the objects made available to them? You will find in this article four tips from our behaviorists to move their scratches to appropriate support and find peace at home.

The main reason is that clicking allows them to mark their field. The first scars, along with the pomegranates placed on top, send a clear message to the couple: “I’m home!”. By gnawing, gnats emit these odors that we cannot smell, but the animals are quick to notice.

The cuddle, therefore, is based on real desire, which comforts them as they are local animals. These qualities are exacerbated when there are social problems (with a cat or other animal), a house move, a time of stress, … Here are four simple tips to calm your cat and help it live in harmony with its natural environment.

  1. Save your belongings

Unfortunately, this completely natural impulse tends to affect your belongings: sofa, upholstery, curtains, rugs, etc.  The first instinct is therefore to protect these fragile areas with materials that provide an unpleasant feeling for your feet: aluminum foil, cellophane film, a survival blanket, bubble wrap, an oilcloth tarp, or even sticky paper (which holds better in place) will immediately calm his ardor. 

  1. Divert his attention with  scratching posts 

Since you can never prevent a cat from scratching, you must provide them with scratching posts on which they can let off steam without damaging anything. Otherwise, he will find a new piece of furniture or a new corner of tapestry to attack, and the problem will not be solved… with the added bonus of a lot of stress for him!  

Don’t hesitate to place scratching posts and scrapers in several “strategic” places in your home. These strategic places are located where there is traffic and near areas where Minou likes to sleep. These are the critical areas near which it needs to announce its presence and assert its territory.  They are easy to identify if he is already scratching: in this case, it may be a good idea to place scratching posts near the frequently attacked sofa or upholstery.

We insist both on the multiplication of scratching posts and on their location. You will not be able to have results if you offer him a single small scratching post in an inappropriate place.

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