7 Bad Lifestyle Habits That Affect Your Eyesight

Changes in our vision due to the natural process called ‘ageing’ isn’t in our control. People start to notice deteriorating eyesight after they turn 40. But, in some people, the natural eyesight changes occur quite late or in their 50s. The reason? 

Well, the reasons could be many from poor diet to smoking to not taking good care of your eyes. All of these things together make for a bad or unhealthy lifestyle that leads to poor vision. 

If you want to enjoy better eyesight even when you get older, you have to give up these bad habits now. Here are the 7 habits that you do although unknowingly that affects your eyesight.

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Not wearing sunglasses

The UV rays of the Sun are not only harmful to your skin but your eyes as well. So just like you won’t leave your skin bare when you step into the sunlight, you have to give similar consideration to your peepers.

Long term exposure to UV radiation can result in the early invitation of eye conditions such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration and glaucoma. Having a pair of sunglasses will protect you from the UV light. Even if you are ordering your regular glasses online, make sure they have an Anti-UV coating to filter out the UV light. 

Excessive screen time

The blue screen of death is not only an error displayed on your computer screen but it also holds a whole different meaning. 

Our digital devices are an artificial source of blue light and have adverse effects on our physical and optical health. Blue light is present naturally in the sunlight and helps boost alertness and elevating mood patterns. 

But, when we are exposed to the artificial form of blue light, we develop physical discomforts including headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes and double vision. To combat this harmful light, you can wear blue light blocking glasses and ward off the unpleasant symptoms of digital eye strain

Inadequate sleep

What could be simpler than taking 6-8 hours of sleep? Yet, some people experience a significant decline in their vision because they fail to give their eyes the rest they need. 

Lack of sleep can put a strain on your eyes and you may wake up with a headache or eye pain the next morning. So after your eyes have suffered from a long day at work, reward them with proper sleep and re-energize them for the next day. It will also lubricate your peepers and ease the symptoms of eye strain. 

If you have a habit of using your smartphone before bedtime, it can contribute to your sleepless nights. Wearing blue light glasses before you go to bed will help you sleep longer and better. You can find cheap glasses online with blue blocking technology.

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Unhealthy eating habits

Your diet also has a significant role in determining your optic health. If your meals lack vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients needed by your eyes, you become more vulnerable to eye diseases and disorders.

To procure a sound eye health, eat green leafy vegetables and add fruits into your diet. Foods that are rich in vitamin A, C or E, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants work wonders for your eyesight. 

Vision changes progress gradually. It is possible that you have a refractive error but just don’t know it yet. Your eye doctor will fill you in on your vision state and recommend prescription eyeglasses if found an error. However, some glasses such as gaming glasses can be used without consulting an eye doctor or optician. 

Rubbing your eyes endlessly

We rub our eyes when they feel tired or when something gets in them. It might give you a soothing effect for seconds but does more damage than good. 

Rubbing your eyes allows the dirt and debris to go even deeper and cause problems like eye irritation or conjunctivitis. Moreover, our hands are loaded with germs and bacteria and when they touch our eyes, the risk of bacterial or viral eye infections shoots up. 

Also, if you rub your eyes aggressively, you can even damage the delicate blood vessels causing redness in your eyes. So now you must have understood why you need to keep your hands away from your eyes. 

Using expired makeup

There is a reason why makeup products have an expiration date. If you use them even after the expiry period, you put your skin and eyes at risk. Using expired eyeliner, mascara or eyeshadow can cause irritation in your eyes or lead to infection. If your makeup product has started forming clumps, it’s time to throw it away.


There are endless reasons to quit smoking and low vision is just one of them. Apart from posing a threat to your lungs and throat, smoking doubles up your chances of developing cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. People who smoke are more likely to experience vision loss in their 50s than non-smokers.

The takeaway

So now you must have an idea what habits you need to give up right away. Adopt healthy lifestyle habits and protect your eyes with the right kind of eyewear.