6 Tips for Unforgettable Visit to Night Safari

Visiting a country won’t be complete if you are not visiting its must-see attractions. Singapore too is no exception. This beautiful country has many places to visit and you shouldn’t miss the Night Safari. As the name indicates, it is not your usual zoo because all animals here are the nocturnals that become active after nightfall.

You can plan a day out to visit Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari in one day. But you must be really exhausted because all these wildlife parks require walking to enjoy the area. No need to worry, you can always go to the Night Safari anytime you can and it is recommended to buy your Night Safari tickets online through websites like Traveloka to cut the queue and for a smooth visit time.

Before you go there, you need to know these tips so that you won’t do something that is prohibited or avoid any unlucky events during your visit. Let’s check it out!


  1. Buy the ticket plus tram

This is a real deal as you can enjoy a 40-minutes expedition with a guide that will bring you to see the nocturnal friends in their habitat and pinpoint it to you. As the park itself is kind of dark, it is quite hard to spot animals, especially if they like to camouflage themselves. But no worry, the tour guide will help you find them.

  1. The park is dark, obviously

The park’s lighting is specially designed to not disturb the animals because they are awake and active, so it only goes as bright as the full moon. So you have to find your way around with little or dim light as the guide. But don’t worry. This park also has well-lit areas for the show, so it is not a total darkness at all. 

  1. Don’t bother bring a camera

Even if you have the latest smartphone that can capture images in night settings with low light, the image won’t be as good because flash is not allowed in this park. It can disturb the animal, so don’t really bother bringing a camera. You can use the time to enjoy with your family and friends.

But, a professional camera surely will capture good photos but without using flash in a dark area, the result will be not too good, too right? So yeah, don’t really bother bringing a camera, but if you insist on bringing one, then it’s fine. You just need to shut the flash.

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  1. Wear comfortable shoes

Please wear walking shoes or sneakers so that you can walk comfortably here. Open-toed shoes or sandals are not recommended because the park is dark, some trails are uneven and you could fall or slip and injure yourself.

  1. Apply insect repellent

Before you start your trip to this park, apply insect repellant to your open skin to keep the bugs off you. It is a wildlife reserve with lots of trees, so bugs will definitely be there. 

  1. Pick a good spot for Safari shows

It is a shame if you visit the Night Safari but miss its Creature of the Night Show. This 20-minutes show is performed in a big Amphitheatre at 7.30pm, 8.30pm, 9.30pm and 10.30pm. So plan your visit here and be there at the amphitheatre to enjoy this amazing show with otter, hyena, civet and binturong.

You need also to witness the Thumbuakar performance at the entrance courtyard that is performed at 07.00pm, 8.00pm, 9.00pm and 10.00pm. This fire show is definitely something to see here.

So let’s plan your visit to Night Safari in advance to make the most of your time here. Another tip from me; use a taxi for a more comfortable ride back to the hotel than use public transport. Be gentle to your legs that been working hard walking the park for hours.