6 of the Best Outdoor Places to Visit in Ohio


When thinking of outdoor destinations you have to see, Ohio may not be the first location to come to mind. 

But just because Ohio’s outdoor recreation isn’t the most well-known doesn’t mean that the Buckeye state doesn’t have plenty to offer its visitors! We’ve rounded up the top places to visit next time you’re looking for some outdoor fun in Ohio. 

What to Know About Ohio

Ohio offers residents and visitors a unique experience with four lush, immersive seasons every year. Outdoor enthusiasts and the occasional outdoorsman will find oasis after oasis in Ohio. 

Not to mention the state’s unique positioning near large bodies of water and Midwestern positioning, you’ll find the best of every world. 

With plenty of protected state parks, sprawling land, and dense evergreen areas, find the destination that calls your name here. 

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1. Wine Country 

While your initial thought pattern for wanting outdoor time might not be wine country, it’s completely worth the trip.

Now, you might have to make a trip if you’re located on the opposite end of the quaint state, but those willing to make the drive will find it well worthwhile. 

Located in Northeastern Ohio are dozens of wineries and spots highlighting local delicacies. Not only will you be able to wine and dine your way to luxury, but you’ll also be able to soak up all of the feel-good energy of the outdoors while there. 

Adding to the fun is Ohio’s policy on marijuana. If you were thinking about purchasing while visiting, start your search here: Medical marijuana doctor Ohio

2. Cuyahoga Valley National Park

This beautiful park is nearly 50 square miles and stretches between Cleveland and Akron. Within the park are options for biking, hiking, and everything in between. 

Take in excellent views of the Erie Canal while appreciating the often taken-for-granted terrain of Ohio, including waterfalls and other important landmarks. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you might consider taking a quick jaunt on the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. 

3. Lake Erie

Visiting Ohio without visiting Lake Erie is deeply frowned upon. As one of the biggest lakes in the world and a key component of the Great Lakes, you simply can’t miss this destination. 

Whatever you’re into when it comes to beach days, you’ll likely find it here. From lounging to boardwalks with entertainment and delicious food, a trip to Lake Erie can be a day trip or a fun weekend. There are plenty of beaches and draws for each, so be sure to research which one fits your interests best. 

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4. The Wilds 

Looking for something a bit more eclectic? Head to The Wilds. This excursion is less for those seeking some much-needed R & R and more for those wanting a touch of adventure outdoors. 

The Wilds is known for its crazy activities, including animal sightings or pettings and crazy entertainment like ziplining. 

If you really want to go all out, you might consider booking a spot on the safari bus or going for a guided tour. Any which way you go, you’re sure to enjoy the one-of-a-kind experience. 

5. Leo Petroglyphs

History buffs will love the petroglyphs located in Leo Village in Southeast Ohio. These petroglyphs are filled with history and culture from the not-too-distant past. 

Fitted with rock carvings of various images, this one-of-a-kind choice represents an abundance of local history. This makes the spot a must-stop location for those looking for outdoor fun. 

6. Blue Sky Farms

U-pick farms are perfect for families looking for a casual day out. You and your little ones will be able to pick your own blueberries, spanning across five acres of greenery! 

Because this is more geared toward summertime fun and only available while supplies last, you’ll want to take advantage early on to ensure you have a chance! 

Make an appointment or stop by and enjoy some fresh air and fresh berries to take home for pies, jams, and anything else you see fit. This specific farm is located in Central Ohio in Marysville. 


Living in Ohio means taking advantage of all the state has to offer. From slow, leisurely options that can be navigated at your own pace to thrill-seeking outings that make you want to go, again and again, there is something for everyone in Ohio!